Product Highlight: Smashbox’s “On the Rocks” Shadow Collections Are To Die For!!

Hello makeup enthusiasts!

It isn’t always often that you find a product that you genuinely like and are completely satisfied with from all aspects.  I feel like I would be doing a disservice to you not to mention a product that I have come across and tried and am very impressed with.  So, I had to tell you about one of Smashbox’s new eye shadow collections called “On the Rocks”,  I am OBSESSED!

I am very picky about my eye shadows and these shadows are so creamy, so pigmented, and so blendable, that I could not stop myself from getting them!  They have varying mattes and shimmers with plenty of different looks to play with and shadows that mix an match.  The shimmer shadows are not chunky glittery but very subtley sprinkled throughout with tiny non-overwhelming twinkling sparkles that make one want to look closer or, over again and again to make sure they are really seeing what they are seeing (which means, hee hee, that maybe that guy you have your eyes on may just come a little closer to look and who doesn’t love that! 😉 ).  Very intriguing!  The bases of the shimmer shadows are strong enough to make a statement but subtle enough to not over power the sparkle.  Some of the mattes have a very slight sheen.  There is a shimmery burgundy shade that is for to die for as well as a purple and gunmetal shade too.  They come in a sleek little black square case (see images) covered in a collage of scattered diamonds on top.  They even have a pamphlet inside that shows you at least 4 looks to try with the shadows.  It is a perfect Christmas gift with perfectly appropriate “Christmasy” and New Year’s shades, as well as everyday looks too.  It is an all around great investment for all beauty looks that anyone wants to achieve!  Happy shopping and enjoy!!

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