Topic of the Week Tuesdays: Glitter!!


Hello Beauties!!!  Yes, you guessed it.  The topic for the week is GLITTER!  Just in time for the festivities of New Year’s Eve!  New Year’s Eve is such a glamorous momentus time of the year for so many.  It is a way to reflect on the year past and all of it’s trials and tribulations, as well as it’s celebrations.  Change can come in so many forms but one thing guaranteed to come with it is personal growth.  So no matter what the type of year it has been for you, New Year’s Eve can take all of those experiences, see them for what they are, commemorate and celebrate them in or out with a loud bang which, lucky for us, can involve lots and lots of GLITTER!!

There are so many ways to wear GLITTER for this festive end of year celebration it can be mindboggling but also bursting with unabashed creativity!  There is glitter for the body, hair, face, and eye makeup not to mention oodles and oodles of colors to choose from.

There are company’s that specialize in this such as Violet Voss, Glitter Injections, etc…, and many cosmetics companies that have glitters, shimmers, and pigments.  MAC Cosmetics has it’s beautifully colored loose and pressed pigments such as black/blue, melon, tan, and gold.  Makeup Geek has their new foiled eyeshadows and lot’s of gorgeous loose and pressed pigments such as “Afterglow”, “Papparazzi”, and the coppery “Vegas Lights shimmer, etc…, and Urban Decay has it’s allover “Naked” illuminating body glitter that is a sparkly, beigy, nudy, pink to it’s beautiful and sparkly Moondust shadows in various colors that you can mix and match with similar or different color shadow “bases”.  Personally I love these because a dusting on the top of your lid over a base shadow can amp it up a notch to high sparkly glamour.  The choices go on and on and all you have to do is find one to fit your mood and color scheme and go for it!

Make sure if needed that you have a mixing medium, “glue”, or primer to use so that the glitter adheres correctly and that you know the ingredients in these so that one does not become allergic to them.. Too Faced has a “glitter glue eye primer” just for adhering glitter to the eyelids or they also have a eye primer called “candlelight” that is a shimmery golden color that can be worn alone or with glitters.

Whatever choice you make be creative and have fun with it!!  This is one of the nights we can get away with wearing as much glitter as we please without anyone staring or giving us strange looks.  So go crazy, have a blast, and make this the best and most colorfully glittered nights of the year!!!  Happy New Year to all!!

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