First Aid Beauty Skin Care Reveiw

Voted the #1 most trusted brand by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2014, First Aid Beauty is a relatively new skin care line that was founded in 2009 by beauty expert Lilli Gordon and supervised by board certified dermatologist Dr. Robert Buka.  It is a skin care line that addresses most types of skin care issues (eczema, rosacea, etc…) while also catering to the sensitive skin type.

So, having heard so many good things and looking for a reasonably priced good skin care line that worked, I set out to find out about First Aid Beauty Skin Care for myself.  I have normal-to-dry sensitive skin and have had trouble finding good hydrating products that didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy on top and still dry underneath.  I purchased my First Aid Beauty products from Sephora.  I bought the Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser for $26.00, the Facial Radiance Pads for $30.00, the Ultra Repair Cream “Intense Therapy” for $30.00, and the 5 in 1 Eye Cream “Age Delay” for $32.00.

I love milky hydrating cleansers for dry skin because of the comfort they bring to my skin and this product cleansed well without leaving my skin greasy.  I did have to use more pumps than they recommended but that’s just me.  I then used the Facial Radiance Pads said to “tone, brighten, and exfoliate” the skin because I really like toner in my skin care regimen and I feel it freshens my skin and attends to pores.  This also contains glycolic acid which is a chemical that provides a very low concentrated type of “skin peel” that exfoliates and renews the skin.  These did what they suggested without drying.  I then used the 5 in 1 “Age Delay” eye cream.  Personally I had to apply this a couple of times to my eyes to get the hydrating I like but I also have aging and dry skin issues.  I may purchase a different eye product by First Aid Beauty that is more hydrating in a cream instead of lotion based as this product is.  I then used the Ultra Repair Cream “Intense therapy” all over my face, neck, and decollete’.  THIS product is as it says it is!  I applied an amount and then I let it sit for a minute and my skin just soaked it up leaving my skin hydrated without feeling greasy…..HUGE for me!!  Keeping in mind that I live in very intense weather conditions such as high elevation and dry climate, I am VERY happy with this product.

All in all, I feel this is a worthwhile skin care line to put your money into for the price and effectiveness.  They have SO many options for treatment of SO many different types of skin and conditions as well as being recommended by a dermatologist.

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