Golden Globes : Red Carpet Makeup Review

Once again this year the Golden Globes was a sea of designer dresses, jewelry, fashion, and “yasss”, MAKEUP!  This year was no exception and this awards show did not disappoint.

I must say the makeup look that took my breath away the most at this year’s Golden Globes (and yes I know everyone else is raving about this too but “give credit where credit is due”!!) was Jennifer Lopez’s.  It is no surprise because her makeup artist is the very talented Scott Barnes.  He is responsible for that “JLo glow”.  I was lucky enough to have one of his books about makeup called “About Face” as text (Jennifer’s face is on the cover) when studying at the makeup academy and he is AMAZING!  Her look was so incredibly balanced in every way possible from the smoky eye look, to the nude lip, and on to the contouring and highlighting.  Her eye catching statement gown wasn’t bad either!

One of the other makeup looks that I noticed was Reese Witherspoon’s.  This is no surprise either because Laura Mercier did her makeup for the show.  As always, Laura Mercier is know for her soft natural enhancing looks and Reese’s look portrayed that.  All around Reese’s whole look from dress, to jewelry,  to bag was stunning.

The other makeup looks that caught my eye were Kate Beckinsale’s (classy as always), Salma Hyeck’s, Lupita Nyongo’s ( stunning with a touch of lavender on her lids that went with her gorgeous purple-toned dress), Gwyneth Paltrow’s (gorgeous in shades of makeup that matched her stunning pink gown), Felicity Jones (in shades of makeup with a pop of green color that also matched her gown and a beautiful red-toned lip), Emma Stone’s (with shades that played up her big eyes and pale skin), Gina Rodriguez’s, Julianna Marguilles’s, and no surprise again, Sienna Miller’s who was done by the Charlotte Tilbury.

All in all there was an undercurrent of soft and polished natural without being too overdone which I thought was lovely and very classy even though the Golden Globes awards shows have a bit more of a free playful spirit about it than the more straight laced and formal Academy Awards.

And can I just say, (because who would I be if I didn’t), that the wonderfully talented John Legend for best song win was incredible and the appearance of Prince to present an award was also, like the makeup, worth the whole show itself!!

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