Jaclyn Hill Favorites/Morphe Palette Review

So, the Jaclyn Hill Favorites/Morphe Palette has been “out” (sort of) since January 1, 2015, and with it set to be restocked and re-released sometime in the spring (I have heard many different dates on this which is why the vagueness to it’s re-release), I figured it’s time to put out a review (makeup/tutorial/look will follow shortly on my Youtube channel).

Despite the struggle to purchase it I am very happy with this palette (took 3 days of sporadic Foxfire).  I do feel the palette itself could have been treated a little more as “limited edition” (if in fact this will be the case) but the shadows themselves for the price ARE amazing!  You get the typical “black plastic” Morphe case with the shadows inside showcasing and taking up most of the space which is really what you want for the most part when purchasing good quality eye shadows.  They are very pigmented with high quality “butteriness” and texture as well as a being of good color range to satisfy your creative cravings for different looks.  They also come in different ranges of this texture from satin to lustre as well as matte to shimmer.  Their “blend ability” is also great allowing you to choose to use from just one to many shadows to create the look you are going for.  The outside box that the shadow case comes in is smooth and not as “matte” as the inside case and does have a pretty picture of Jaclyn and a nice little note from her as well.

Ok!  That’s my review.  Depending on what you experienced with purchasing the shadows themselves the first time, the “future” of what the palette holds, and your quest to find good quality shadows from a very talented makeup artist in Jaclyn Hill, will be the true test of how well this palette does in times to come.

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