Topic of the Week Tuesdays: Primers

The jury is still out on the debate of primers with some but to me they can really enhance a makeup’s longevity and performance depending on which one you choose to use.  There are as many primers out there to choose from as there are shades of foundation and it can be overwhelming.  There are primers for hydration, oiliness (to prevent oil while mattifying the skin), blemish control, luminosity and glow,  and sensitive skin, etc…, so keep in mind your skin needs.  Primer can be applied with a foundation brush or your finger tips.  A beauty blender is not recommended because I feel it absorbs too much of the product and not enough goes on the face.

Primers are used to prepare the skin for face makeup and increase the staying power and endurance of your makeup as well as it’s capability to give luminosity to the skin.  It is like preparing a “canvas” as you would for a painting.  Some are water based, some are oil based, and with most modern primers many  are silicone based to fill in the lines of your face or to improve texture to create an even surface for foundation application which creates a smoothness to the skin.

I must admit at times I’ve thought many of them could not really live up to the claim they make.  However, this being said, I do believe that the primers of today are making great headway in effectiveness  One thing I have noticed, is that they definitely respond more effectively if you have a clean and moisturized face which creates a better canvas for your face makeup.  Also,  I have dry skin and the moisturizing primers I’ve tried have helped with this issue.  Some of my clients say that they can really see a difference in their skin and makeup with specific primers I’ve used on them.

So go ahead and experiment!  Personally,  I like the feeling on my skin that a primer gives, but find the one that best suits YOUR particular skin type or provides the “look” that you are going for and you just might find that “holy grail” product you were looking for after all!

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