Product Spotlight: Dior Nude Air Foundation

I have only just started writing this post and I can already feel my mouth start to drop in astonishment when I start to think of Dior’s Nude Air Foundation.  “Oh stop” you must be thinking but really I am completely serious and amazed at the performance of this new foundation that came out in March of this year.  I have heard raves about this foundation from so many so I knew I had to try it even though my pocketbook was screaming “noooooo”!, “no foundation can be that good or worth spending that much money on”, but it is!

This foundation is like none other I have tried before. Anything that states itself as “nude” or “sheer” I’m all about believing that skin should be made to look as natural as possible when it comes to face makeup.  It claims to have beneficial properties with it’s use of Oxygen Activ technology infusion that gives the foundation it’s “airy” feel as well as ingredients such as hyper-oxygenation, cranberry oil, vitamins, and minerals.  It is also referred to as a “serum” with a weightless, liquidy, and sheer consistency that contains soft focus agents and glazed pigments while providing a sheer “radiant” and “natural glowing” finish.  It also offers a sun protection factor of 25.

This foundation is truly amazing and I have to say one of the best foundations  I have ever tried.  It really does live up to and provide all that it claims.  It was light-weight and non-greasy, sheer and natural looking, and you would never detect the sun protection factor of 25 because it smells absolutely amazing and does not have that chemical smell that some sun protection products can have.  It does have a sheer coverage but that can be built upon without leaving a “cakey” look.  It applied as almost a liquid to powder consistency and a little went a long way.   It is $54.00 for 30 ml or 1 fluid ounce.  It also comes in a pretty silver and smoked glass bottle with dropper application.

The only drawbacks to me are obviously the price and the fact that it is very viscous but you just have to be careful not to squirt out too much at a time.  It also only comes in six shades but besides that I feel it’s a great product.  In my opinion this foundation is absolutely incredible and well worth the price.  I’m so happy that I have actually found a foundation that I like that performs exactly how it says it will and one that I like as well.  I know that I have found a holy grail product for myself that I will be using over and over again for quite some time.

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