Topic of the Week Tuesdays: Tinted Moisturizers

In the busy months of summer a lot of us don’t want to spend a lot of time putting on a lot of makeup and with all of the fun in the sun activities that include coming in contact with more water whether it be beach, pool, or sweat (oops! women don’t “sweat” they “glisten” ha ha) tinted moisturizers can be the answer instead of foundation for many.

Tinted moisturizers are lighter than foundation but have just enough coverage to even out the skin tone while still having the look of natural skin.  They are sometimes referred to as “beauty balms”.  Given the right shade to match your “new” summer skin they can also warm up the face for that fresh summer “no fuss” look.  They can also be mixed with primers (or layered on top of your primer of choice) should you need even lighter coverage.  Many tinted moisturizers come with an spf range based on just how much sun protection you personally desire.  They can be applied using several methods (fingertips, damp sponge, etc…).  I personally like to put on my tinted moisturizer with my fingertips and then blend it out after with a damp beauty blender.  You can also apply a sheer amount of powder after words with a fluffy brush to your t-zone should you have problems with creasing or oiliness in this area.

There are many different types of tinted moisturizers so choose one that is specific to your skin type (dry, oily, combination, etc…) as well as one that matches your skin shade when it is tan in the summer.  If you really want that summer “glow”, there are also tinted moisturizers that have illumination or sparkle in them for that extra glowing tan skin.

If you’re like many  people who don’t want that heavy foundation feel on your skin in the busy summer months when spending more time outdoors is the focus, then tinted moisturizers may just be the answer for you this summer season!

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