Topic of the Week Tuesdays: Facial Spray Bottle Basics

Facial sprays are a quick, easy, and mess free way to bring moisturizing, setting, priming, and hydration to the face.  There are products from low end to high end to choose from so finding one that fits your budget and your taste is sure to be a hit.  They are one of my favorite ways to apply product to the face.

Things  to look for when buying a facial spray are that they are bottles that are fitted with a fine mist-spray pump so you don’t get dousted when it comes time to use it on your face.  After you apply them to the face they will fill differently depending on what the mixture is bottled for the task (sticky for primers, wet for hydration, and taught for setting) at hand but generally your face should be showered with a very fine mist that dries relatively quickly and it shouldn’t leave your face dripping.  Spraying on the product at 3 to 5 inches form the face in a sweeping motion is best and enough to lightly adhere to the face.  Depending on whether the product is high end or low end will give you the clue to how much quality was invested in to the type of spray or pump on the bottle and unfortunately the higher end products can spray better.  Yes, the old adage, “you get what you pay for” does still ring true sometimes in this case.  Also, most of them seem to be drip free in most ways that you store it.  I put most of them laying down right in the Zuca pouch inside my portable professional makeup kit and so far I’ve had no messes so thy should also travel very well in most cases.  Some can be plastic and some can be glass so again, use your better judgment in use and storage.

Sometimes depending on the type of spray you have and it’s contents it can effect the spray flow so just keep the spray pump on the bottle clean so it won’t get clogged or too sticky.  So after that, spray to your heart’s content to deliver the product to your face that suits your facial makeup or skin care needs and expect great results both on , and off the face!

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