Product Highlight: Becca Cosmetics/Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector

As I’m sure everyone has heard, one of the biggest hits in product this summer is the new shimmering skin perfector or highlighter collaboration by Becca Cosmetics & Jaclyn Hill; one of Youtube’s biggest celebrities and professional makeup artist.  It is definitely a beauty to behold.  One of a highlighter junkie’s biggest days.

This round of ordering a Jaclyn Hill collaboration product in “Champagne Pop” was so much easier to get than the Jaclyn Hill Favorites/Morphe Palette and much less the hassle.  I don’t know if the Becca’s website was better equipped to handle more customers than the Morphe website, but what I do know is that Champagne Pop was a breeze for me to order on the Sephora online site.  Of course I was on at exactly 9:00 a.m. PST on July 3rd (the day it was available to order on Sephora website) but all in all I have heard no big complaints this time thus far.

This shimmering skin perfector is also quite different from the other Becca highlighters Topaz, Moonstone, and Opal.  I am pleasantly pleased to say, as I was concerned from some of the pre “Champagne Pop” advertising/promotional pictures, but it is quite different.  It is a lovely and subtle golden peachy pink with just the right amount of shimmer as with the other skin perfectors.  It is also of a creamy smooth consistency which is light and feels good on the skin that should fit most skin tones giving just the right amount of non-chalky or gritty glow.  To the lighter or darker side of the spectrum in skin tone depending, I feel you could merely adjust the amount of highlighter applied and it would still be the right color.

I must admit, as a fellow highlighter junkie, I was thrilled to hear that there was another shimmering skin perfector coming out from Becca Cosmetics and to hear that it involved Jaclyn was just a pleasant plus!  This summer and with many makeup looks to come I can confidently shout the enthusiastic phrase as stated by Jaclyn “glow on fleek”!  😉

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