The Best Makeup Look of the Night and Reviews of The 67th Annual Emmy Awards.

To be completely truthful I was a little disappointed by what I saw in the Emmy Awards Show last night from the red carpet looks chosen by the female nominees as well as the somewhat slow going and somewhat boring program set up of the show itself.  I like Andy Shumberg from Saturday Night Live but I felt he was a little conservative this night with the humor.  It was nothing like the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards held every year.  However, there were a few makeup looks and overall pretty looks that I did see and will also try to pick the overall best look of the night.

One of the first likeable looks for the night was Naomi Watts with husband Liev Schrieber.  Her hair was in a soft up doo with soft low key makeup and a pretty white dress with silver accents that was strapless.  Classy and conservative, it was a classy look but nothing over the top in makeup or standout gown but simple low key pretty.  It suited her natural beauty.

Next it would have to be the stunning and beautiful Jessica Bare in her fresh coral pink strapless rosette dress.  Absolutely gorgeous and classy with upswept hair, minimal jewelry, and absolutely fitting soft & fresh but not over the top makeup to match.  One of my favorites of the night.

Getting off track of the women for a moment, one of the best looking men of the night had to be John Stamos with his usual 1,000 watt smile looked handsome in a classic black suit with royal blue accents AND a classy bow tie and red accents.  The man never ages!!

My next choice was the gorgeous Maggie Gyllenhaal in a purple maroon ballroom dress on the bottom with  black strapless top.  I feel it was elegant but not over the top and the colors were gorgeous and her soft glam makeup fit to a “T” making the makeup she wore softly accent the bright colors of her gown.  Simply gorgeous and classy.

Another completely gorgeous and classy look to my surprise (no offense meant) was the makeup and gown of Lady Gaga!  What a gorgeous look!  She had a simple black sexy over one shoulder long length gown with smoothed polished shoulder length blonde hair with no crazy braids or colors in it.  Her makeup was classy and perfectly understated to fit her black gown with makeup that was softly played up with a low key reddish orange and somewhat coral lip.  She was absolutely stunning!!    Teyonah Parris looked beautiful in her flowing white with black polka dot gown but I wasn’t  impressed with her makeup.  Jamie Lee Curtis looked classy in her classy black floor length gown and makeup.

Amanda Peete was also one of my favorites in her classic ball length black gown with silver accents and upswept hair with a pretty red lip to match. Stunning!  Kristen Schall was also stunning in a deep, sparkling, and royal blue full length strapless gown with silver necklace accent and soft glam.  Nazanin Boniadi looked stunning in a white strapless floor length gown and soft makeup.  Emily Robinson looked gorgeous in her white full length gown with paisley and floral accents and upswept hair.  Niecy Nash in her red V-neck full length gown with beautiful red sparkling floral embellishments and matching red clutch looked beautiful with again soft glam natural makeup.  Stephanie Bauer’s flowing pink gown with simple shoulder straps I though was stunning.  I also thought Viola Davis in her White floor length gown with beautiful black accents and makeup with red lip was absolutely stunning as was her speech.

Kerry Washington’s (Scandal) dress was very different and unexpected and a little too different for me in what looked like a chain mail silver dress with no cohesion or flow even though it was sparkly.  I didn’t even recognize Claire Daines in her magenta floor length dress with thick chain metal link shoulder straps which I know are coming into to style but I don’t know if I’m ready with that thick of metal chains as a shoulder strap which are on a very delicate area of a woman’s body.  Maybe a smaller chain link shoulder strap…hmmm, we shall see what comes around in style that’s for sure!

So, all in all I was rather disappointed (sorry to be a downer) by the red carpet walk of the stars which I almost always enjoy from every awards show.  Not really any outrageously beautiful looks to speak of or any standout makeup looks so I will go ahead and choose best overall of the night.

In my opinion best looking women on the red carpet of the night were, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lady Gaga, Jessica Bare, Teyonah Parris, Amanda Payne, and Naomi Watts.  Hopefully next years Emmy Awards Show will bring much more glamour with top makeup looks and the classy glamorous gowns we’ve come to expect from the awards shows of the past.

So, (drumroll please) in my opinion the look of the night, after much thought and difficulty in choosing just one,  goes to Jessica Bare!!  The second place goes to Maggie Gyllenhaal, and the third place goes to The Lady Gaga!  See you with more exciting reviews next year!!

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