Review of the Japonesque Pixelated Eyehsadow Color Palette

There are not enough words to express how much I love this eyeshadow palette.  The Japonesque brand has always been one of my favorite brands and in my opinion one of the best brands out there that just hasn’t had as much publicity as some others have.  My very first makeup brushes as a makeup artist came from them and they are in just as good of shape as when I got them a few years ago.

This is a 10 eyeshadow palette that comes in a very sturdy cardboard frame box with flip top lid.  As you can see from the photo, there are six bold shimmering colors on the right named as “pixelated color” and on the left are four matte shades called “pro basic” shades which are good for lid, highlight, and crease shades.  The pixelated colors are great for packing on the lid, as a deep crease shade, and the gold can also be used as an inner corner highlight.  These shadows are set into the palette raised as baked eyeshadows would be but are not.  The pixelated colors on the right are out of this world in color, texture, and shimmer and all of the shadows in this palette are very creamy and pigmented; some so pigmented that they stayed on my arm as swatches for quite some time only coming off with soap and water like a “long wear” shadow would.  The black matte shadow in this palette is one of the blackest shadows I have tried.

This palette is priced at $38.00 which in my opinion, for the quality you receive, is an incredible investment and one palette I am glad to have in my collection as well as one that I decided to try out.  This would also be a great travel palette.  So, if you love great shadows with intense color payoff then this palette is for you!!

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