Review!! The New Makeup Geek Matte Eyeshadows

Finally the wait is over and I received the highly anticipated new Makeup Geek matte eyeshadows that launched on October 13, 2015.  Needless to say, I am also so impressed with the customer service at Makeup Geek because I didn’t even pay for extra shipping and was not expecting them to come in three business days but was so pleasantly surprised when they did.  Way to go Makeup Geek!

So, lets get into to these beautiful shadows!  First of all, there is a very good color range among these shadows that includes warm and cool tones.  There are a couple of the shadows that have been repeated but they were reformulated from the originals.  They also included some really fun pops of color with these shadows as well as some basic cool and warm toned shadows that can be used as transition or crease colors.  One of the prettiest shadows that I was drawn to was the shade “morocco” which is a very warm burnt orangey color which would be so good to warm up the crease with or maybe under the lower lash line and one that would definitely be versatile with all kinds of different looks.  The next color that drew me to it was the shade “cherry cola” which is a chocolatey plum color so great to use with many of the other shades.  There are warm and cool browns, several  beautiful purple shades, green ranged shades one of which is my favorite called “fuji” which is a fun green apple colored shade which I love just like I love the original shade “appletini”, several soft pink toned shades which remind me of the original “cupcake” shade that are so soft and pretty, as well as a couple shades of blue called “boo berry” and “time travel”, and last but not least there are even a couple of cool tone grey shadows to work with called “concrete jungle” and “stealth”.  As always, these shadows are creamy and pigmented and blend like a dream with the same quality we have come to expect from the original shadows.  My favorite shades would have to be “americano”, a lovely warm chocolatey brown,”cherry cola”, “enchanted forest” which is kind of a muted deep forest green, “vintage”, a soft plum brown shade, “petal pusher” which is a light mauve-toned pink that reminds me of the original shadow “cupcake”, “fuji’, and finally “curfew”, a warm wisteria type purple which would look so good with green and brown eye colors.

So, all in all, I am once again impressed with these Makeup Geek shadows just as I have been with the originals and maybe even a little more pleased with the reformulation of some of them making them even better than the originals.  So for $6.00 and the high quality in them, you just cant beat the quality for the buck.  So I definitely and wholeheartedly recommend these shadows to everyone and that they are definitely worth getting your hands on!

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