Topic of the Week Tuesdays: Spring Skin

It’s that time of year again when spring comes and we begin getting excited for summer.  The time when the world of nature comes alive giving us those signs with fresh new color that there is hope after a long cold winter.  Time for the colorful fashion designs and makeup brands that begin dropping their new spring and summer collections for us to try.

Another thing spring can be good for is skin revitalization!  For cleansing away the dead pale winter skin and preparing it for summer.  A fun way to welcome spring and summer is to give yourself a pampering facial spa treatment.  I used to practice deep-cleaning facials once a week throughout the year but as with most people with busy schedules that can tend to be put on the way side so I try to at least once a month or season change.  I’m talking the real deep cleaning with steam treatments and everything.  *I usually do mine at night so that as you sleep your skin can reap the benefits of your serum or moisturizer longer.  Use your favorite skin cleanser and rinse thoroughly.  Place your face over a bowl of steaming water ( make sure the temperature is comfortable and not too hot or it can really dry out your skin) covering your head  with a towel to “tent” in the steam.  Let your face steam for 15 minutes to open pores and deep clean them and then rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.  At this point I usually exfoliate to remove dead skin and clean out the pores even more and then rinse thoroughly again.  Then use a toner appropriate for your skin type with a cotten pad.  At this step, because I have dry skin, I use Glamglow’s Thirstymud Hydrating Skin Treatment for extra moisture but you could use whichever treatment/mask applies to your particular skin and finally, moisturize with your favorite moisturizer.  I also spray my face with Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist at this point for extra moisture.  Your skin will feel alive and the texture of your skin will be as soft as a baby’s….well you know.  So, treat yourself to a revitalizing and pampering spring facial and the next thing you know it will be summer!

* If you do a facial during the day and plan on spending your day in the sun, don’t forget to use sunscreen!

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