Favorite Tool for the Month of April: Micro Mini Correct Four Beauty Blender Sponges

The favorite tool of the month for April goes to the Micro Mini Correct Four Beauty Blender Sponges.  Ok, besides the obvious fact that they are so darn cute and tiny as well as in pretty pastel Easter colors, they are tools of many tasks.  I admit, at first I thought that it was a gimmicky marketing ploy but once I started using them I really liked how they help apply product to those smaller parts of the face that you want to color correct where a bigger sponge or tool would not fit.  They also fit perfectly on the undereye and are great for applying and blending undereye concealer.  If you use the sponges that are color matching to color correcting product colors (for example, green corrector for redness, lavender corrector to brighten, etc…) it will keep the original color of the sponge and you’ll never have to worry about it getting dingy colored from mixing different colored product with them.  They are the same dense, spongy, and soft material that we have come to love from the original pink Beauty Blender and by being in color corrector colors, they can help remind you what color corrector product is useful for certain parts of the face which can be valuable when things get busy as a makeup artist, or when you are first learning which color correctors go with which color problem for the face.

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