Product Highlight: The Morphe 350 Matte and 350 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palettes

Morphe has been burning a hot path in the makeup industry providing us with much more than just high quality affordable cosmetic makeup brushes these days.  The recent release of the “twins” 350 Matte and 350 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palettes and the second release of the very popular and coveted original 350 “Natural Glow” eyeshadow palette original (which seemed to be forever out of stock because of it’s popularity) with the beautiful earthy oranges, browns, and luminous light gold and champagne shades it contained, has now been spread out to two palettes of the same gorgeous shades.  One full matte palette and one full shimmer shadow palette.

The quality of these shadows continues to blow me away with the high pigmentation and yes, the typical terms applied to great shadows such as “buttery”, smooth, and silky are well deserved here.  All of the shades in the matte palette are pigmented and smooth as are all of the shadows in the shimmer palette that vary in color but are equally matched in high glowing non-chunky or gritty color.  Both of these palettes are a great investment and rival any other expensive high end brand.  With quality shadows like these and the palettes preceding it, it is exciting to see what Morphe will come up with next and I’m sure we’ll all look forward to many more high quality and affordable products from them we’ve come to love.


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