Topic of the Week Tuesdays: Toners, To Use Or Not To Use, That Is the Question

The topic of whether to use a toner in one’s skin care regimen, has been debated as far back as I can remember.  The question started with me when I was first introduced to a skin care routine one summer when I was visiting my father in New Hampshire around the age  of eleven or twelve.  My stepmother used the Lancôme skin care line with success so off we went to the nearest fine department store to visit the Lancôme counter.  I was introduced to and started with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer which was a far cry from the drugstore brand clear soap Neutrogena, witch hazel (the toner step), and Raintree facial lotion (I could be dating myself here by naming the brands used but I won’t tell if you won’t) I had started a couple of months prior.  It was a mice treat as well as investment.

The toner as the second step, was explained (depending on your skin type) to freshen and tighten skin, remove dirt and oil cleaning out the pores, or to hydrate.  I’m sure that now there are even more toners out there as we speak that do even more than that with todays skin technology but I won’t bore you with the long list I couldn’t possibly all name.  There are also many forms that a toner can come in (gel, liquid, wipes, lotion, etc…) and the most common way to apply them is with a cotton ball wiping the face.

Many of them do act on the skin in the way that they claim (ex:  some toners actually do shrink pore size but mostly only temporarily and our pores will be exactly what our genetics gave us), but I’ve learned (and later in age while working for Clinique I would learn even more about skin care) that when it comes down to it, it is really all about personal preference and what makes your skin the most comfortable.  So, go ahead and use the form that best suits your skin type as well as meets your personal preferences (such as the scent/consistency, etc…) and rest assured that no matter what the debate is over whether toners make a difference or not, just know that it NEVER hurts to pay close attention to your skin than it is to neglect it and by doing this you will definitely see positive results.


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