Topic of the Week Tuesday: Lip Primers, Do They Really Work?

I don’t know about all the makeup users out there but I’ve often asked myself the question “do lip primers really work?”  After trying and spending money on many, I can happily finally answer this question.  Not all primers are alike however, so it depends on what type or brand you buy.  Lip primers work by smoothing over the lines in your lips as well as provide a better and long-lasting lip product application.  They can also help moisturize the lips and plump them up with hydration.

After trying them all I have narrowed it down to one holy grail lip primer brand; the Mac Prep and Prime Lip Primer.  The second runner-up is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Primer.  The way that I use lip primer that I think works the best is to first put on a lip balm (after exfoliating your lips) at the start of your makeup routine so it can soak in to your lips.  When you are finished, wipe the excess off.  Then apply your lip primer and wait a couple of minutes before applying the lipstick.  This gives the primer a chance to “set” and dry.  Then apply your lipstick.  By using this extra step with lip primers you can have confidence that your lipstick will last longer and apply better.  So, that nagging question you always had about lip primers is now answered!

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