Skin Care Focus: Kopari Beauty

Soft and glowing bronze skin is a must for summer and there are many brands out there to choose from when summer skin is the focus.  Kopari is a relatively new skin care brand that has a great line of coconut skin care products an who wouldn’t want to have the smell of summer on their skin to go along with the season?  You know, the whole sunscreen, salt air or poolside breeze, and the smell of the tropics (and no, it’s not the smell of the once famous baby oil frying on your skin while you’re laying at the beech or the pool; healthy sun-screened skin is in!).

In the Kopari line I saw a lot of things for the skin that I wanted to try so I got the Coconut Melt, coconut crush scrub, and the coconut body glow, all of them have the wonderful smell of the tropics.  First of all, regardless of where you are (pool or beach or not) you can close your eyes and smell the coconut scent and it takes you to a cruise somewhere in the Caribbean or laying on the beach in Bora Bora (no hectic poolside with ten million kids running around you and jumping in and out of the pool right where you’re laying in your lounge chair…NO, not in this brain).   Secondly, all of the products I purchased made your skin feel soft as a baby’s butt taking you from exfoliation to final step of moisturizing, softening, and glowing up your skin.

The Coconut Crush Scrub is of fine dense granules (which I prefer because if too small, scrubs can rinse of too quickly and not really scrubbing the skin but, it’s gentle too.  I love this scrub!  The Coconut Melt is a kind of “gel/butter” consistency and a little goes a long way so you will have the “tub” of it for quite some time (cost effective) and smells heavenly; not too light, not too strong.  Lastly and one I was very excited about trying is The Coconut Body Glow.  It comes in a pump type dispenser and has the consistency of an oil with little golds flecks floating throughout it that gives your skin that glow no matter what stage of “tan” you’re in (and leaving it with a healthy glow; not a chunky or glittery look).

Pricewise it can be on the higher end of products but if you think about the benefits and how long these products last without going bad it’s a good investment and everyone knows how healthy and multi-purposing coconut oil is.  The Coconut Crush Scrub runs for $28.00 for 6.8 fl. oz.,  The Organic Coconut melt goes for $38.00 for 7 oz., and the Coconut Body Glow is $42.00 for 3.4 fl. oz.  The Kopari website ( has a very helpful page about the effects and uses of the products so you know what you’re getting with what.  One last point; the Coconut Melt ant the Coconut Body Glow do not smell the same.  I’m saying this because I expected them to all have the same coconut smell but was pleasantly surprised with the difference.  The Coconut Melt has a straight up but very like original coconut scent that’s yummy and want to shove in your mouth (in a pleasant meant way of course but that’s just me) and the Coconut Body Glow while still having a coconut scent, it is just a bit more “dressed up” or a “fancier” smell, if you will.  All of the products are 100% organic coconut (no parabens and no sulfates or silicones) so you’re not only treating your skin to smelling healthy softness, you’re reaping the healthy benefits of coconut so as far as I see it their products are a “win/win” combination.


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