Topic of the Week Tuesdays: Waterproof Mascaras

Waterproof mascaras can be great for when a waterproof or long-wearing makeup occasion comes along like a wedding, pool or beach day, etc…, but probably most of us can agree that sometimes they can be so uncomfortable and very tough to remove.  Hopefully I can provide some tips and advice in making those occasions easier to enjoy instead of worrying about your eyes throughout the whole event.

First of all, it’s a good idea to decide what you’re going for in a mascara which can helpful in determining which mascara products to pick when it comes to purchasing or which occasion you’re going to.  When you think about it there can be so many things to look for (if you’ve ever stood there in the cosmetics isle with a blank dumfounded look on your face for long periods of time looking at the mascara section at the store, like me, then you know what I mean) and choices to consider in brands and types of mascaras that are available to choose from that it can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure.  There are as many mascaras out there as there are types and brands out there for waterproof mascaras including mascaras for color, length, volume, and formula let alone just trying to choose from waterproof mascara alone so go for comfort first.  There can be a lot of mascaras out there that can chip or flake off or cause the dreaded “raccoon eyes” as well as more eye-watering and tears (and we can’t have that), but in any case some mascaras can be more prone.  Plus, choosing from products that are going to have the most comfortable waterproof formula since you’re most likely going to be wearing it for quite some time (possibly with emotions that may be flying and the tears that go along with it or when there’s pro-longed water exposure from pool or salt water) so pick the most comfortable waterproof and long wear formula or brand that you like.  Then, choose from what type you want whether it be length or volume and thickness, etc…  After that, choose from color (and here you can be more creative depending on what the occasion or your own personal style is).  There are many colors out there now that can fit the occasion or mood from light pastels to intense fluorescent or bold ones and even white (or sometimes combos of both).  You can even put your favorite black waterproof and long-wear formula or brand on and then put a favorite or appropriate color of your choice on the ends or tips of your top and lower lashes if the mood strikes you.  Anyhow, you get the point.  Whichever lash look or effect you’re going for you’re going to have many options out there.

Ok, now the bad part.  Unfortunately, when it comes to removing mascara after the fun or long event, it is no fun to remove waterproof mascara at all.  You could wash your eyes with soap and water and tug with a washcloth (which only leads to more wrinkles) to remove it but it would only cause pain and irritation and wouldn’t get all of the mascara off anyways so using an oily or partially oily make-up remover is your best bet.  There are also oil-free eye makeup removers which I myself prefer because it doesn’t give you foggy or cloudy vision and you won’t fumble out of the bathroom feeling the walls trying not to bump into them.  Another thing that can help waterproof, long-wear, comfort and longevity is to use a lash primer applied before you put on your mascara.  Some people swear they don’t work but I think they do help.  Also, when it comes to money there are many options out there too as far as “high end” and “low end” as well as budget friendly.  Personally my all time favorite mascaras are from both ends of the money spectrum and are the Bobbi Brown “Smokey Eye” Waterproof and Loreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascaras.  So skies the limit!  Go out there and enjoy the festivities this summer season and have a great worry-free time.





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