Topic of the Week Tuesday: Fall Makeup

The fall season is here with it’s cooler, crisp, and shorter days and change is on the mind as the season changes which also means different choices in skin care and makeup.  Put aside or throw away the tinted moisturizers and the waterproof makeup routine and get out the matte coverage foundations and the earthy smoky shades of fall.  Personally, this time of year in many ways is my favorite (and not just because of the changing fall foliage, the warm cable knit sweaters, and the desire to make one pot meals of soups and stews), but also for the love of makeup in the muted soft shades of rust, taupe, and brown with (of course) the ever gorgeous olive/green shades of which the olive smoky eye is probably my most loved eye look of all.  The fall season is when we can start transitioning from summer’s more light, hydrating, and glossy types of makeup into the heavier darker shades and formulas in preparation for the coming winter season.  This however, in no way means we have to skimp on color; far from it.  It just means we trade in the light airy “ice cream” colors of summer to a bit more dark types of shades such as rich burgundy’s, golds, earthy browns, and even reds (just different tone based darker blue or brown reds instead of the bright orange and yellow based reds of summer for example).

Our choices in foundation also change from more dark or tanned shades to more pale types which are also heavier in formula and application than summer foundations, tinted moisturizers, or facial beauty bombs provide.  Summer tans can even out the skin tone (you can get away with less makeup in the summer as opposed to fall with lighter applications needed as well) hiding imperfections and blemishes so without the tan fuller coverage types of foundations are needed to even out the skin in it’s place.  In my opinion, the matte finish foundations very often used in fall are very soft and flattering to the skin giving it a “blurred” soft look instead of the glowy sheen of lighter summer foundations.

Whatever you choose in makeup shades for fall it’s an exciting season in the beauty industry.  Join me in marking this season as I will be dedicating a makeup/beauty series about fall makeup that will include topics such as types of matte foundations, favorite fall appropriate matte lip colors, and an olive smoky eye makeup look as well as all things related to fall.  I hope you join me!



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