J.D. Glow Cosmetics Highlighters

J.D. Glow Cosmetics is another brand that hasn’t gotten a lot of social media or hype for their products but definitely should be.  Their highlighters especially should be getting more hype than they do.  I learned of them from another makeup artist that had posted a picture of them on their Instagram page and being a highlighter junkie my eyes glued to the picture.  I admit that when it comes to highlighters I can be a bit of a highlighter “snob” but after seeing these I couldn’t help but ask myself the question “why hadn’t I heard of this brand before now”?  The quality of these is amazing and the formula absolutely rivals many more expensive “high end” and well known brands, even those brands that are specifically known for mostly their highlighters such as Becca Cosmetics, Hourglass Cosmetics,  etc…  These highlighters are all very pigmented with high color payoff definitely meeting all the requirements that many others have that fall under the well earned descriptive and infamous terms of “buttery” or “silky”.  There are 12 total highlighters in all offering a wide variety of shades from an icy silver and sparkling dark-gold, to a unique bronzed pink all of which have been given cute names such as “Beyoncé”, “Marilyn Monroe”, “Ice Ice Baby” (a shimmery cool silver), and “Rozay” (a rosey-gold; hence the name) My favorites are “Beyoncé” (an iridescent light bronzed-pink) and “Marilyn Monroe” (a soft, light, yellow-gold), and “Rozay”.  They can be used lightly or heavily depending on if your going for a subtle glow, or that kind of “you can see me from space” kind of highlighted look.  They can be applied to other parts of the body besides the face as well without having to worry about chalkiness or “fly-away” glittery powder powder that some highlighters can have.  The price point is $15.00 each for 2 oz. of product and for the quality you’re getting with these it really is a steal!

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