The Makeupgeek Blushes: First Impression & Review

Makeup Geek has recently released a new range of reformulated blushes with an even wider range of colors and more “staying power” on the skin than the originals.  These new formulas and colors are combined with the original Makeup Geek blushes only better and longer lasting.  There are 20 blushes in all that range in color from a soft lavender pale pink to deeper darker shades of raisin, berry, and rusts with all the shades of peaches and light oranges in between including a few that are shimmer.  They stated that when these blushes were created they had all of the different skin tones in mind that would go with them one’s skin whether cool or warm in tone leaving no one behind and I believe that they have accomplished that in these.  They are pigmented and very smooth and I feel they absolutely adhere much better to the skin than the original Makeup Geek blushes did (not to say that the originals were horribly deficient in anyway, just these new blushes are even better than before .  Also, they have some very unique and original shades added in this time around like “Secret Admirer” (a light lavender-pink), “Promise Ring” (a pale pink-nude), “Soulmate” (a rosy nude-pink; also one of my faves), “Rondezvous” (a reddish-purple and also uniquely gorgeous).  From the more peachy orange end of the spectrum there are shades like “Romance”, (has a slighter shimmer), “Summer Fling” (Matte), “Bliss” (an old beauty and Makeup Geek original fave),  and one of my personal favorites, as well as new, is the ever so gorgeous corally-pink “Main Squeeze”.  Also, one I cannot leave out of mention in this  group of blushes and a very popular original as well as cult favorite , the one and only “Spellbound” that fits so many different skin tones.  I think that we can all rest assured that once again the original quality of the original Makeup Geek blushes is still there but even better than before in quality and color variation!

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