Favorite Fall Palettes: Morphe 350 Shimmer & 350 Matte

Although these palettes were released last year, whenever fall comes along I can’t help but go to these palettes for fall looks because of the perfect for fall colors they have.  Morphe Brushes created these palettes last year and they ran out like hot cakes (especially with the “AOK” from popular makeup artist and social media favorite Jaclyn Hill) which had most artists and makeup lovers scrambling to purchase and highly anticipate it’s restock.  The original 350 palette came with shimmers and mattes mixed together but with the popularity, high sales, and public request for more they decided to split the colors up into two separate palettes; one matte and one shimmer (and I am SO glad they did!).  As you can see, they both have the ability to create many warm looks depending on the intensity you want whether it be a natural daytime look or a nighttime smoldering smoky look.  There are warm light and dark oranges, browns, beiges, bones, coppers, and taupe shades all in mattes and shimmers.  They both have great transition, crease, lid, and brow highlight shades so skies the limit on the amount of looks you can create with them.  They are the typical quality well known terms in the makeup world used such as descriptive creamy, buttery, and are highly pigmented (the mattes just as much as the shimmers) with low to no fall out.  The mattes are rich and the shimmers are non-chalky/non-glittery and intense (some almost metallic) with high shine and rich shimmer.  As per usual, they go for Morphe bargain prices each palette running for $22.99 and the quality you get for the price is the consistent Morphe quality we’ve come to know and love since they came out with product other than great makeup brushes.  So, if you haven’t already purchased these, this fall would be a great time to try them and experiment as well as celebrate the fall season.

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