Topic of the Week Tuesday: Eye Glosses, Vinyls, Glazes, and Lacquers

This weeks topic is about an eye product that seems to be showing up on the beauty market scene lately in the form of eye color called eye “glosses”, “lacquers”, “glazes”, or “vinyls”, etc…  This type of product is new to me and caught my eye by it’s term so never having heard of these before it piqued my interest).  I have seen models with makeup looks that had that high shine, glossy, subtly colored, wet looking lid look that I liked but didn’t know what it was called or what product was used to achieve that look.  I wanted to see exactly what these were whether it be a shadow, base, primer, or stain in cream, powder, gel, or liquid form and exactly how one would use and apply them.  So, I decided to research and find out exactly what they were.  There are several cosmetic and beauty brands that carry them; high end and low end and some call them glazes, lacquers, sheres, or vinyls but they all give that glossy finish that is part of such a great and natural dewy glowing look with a sheer and shiny wash of lid color.

Technically eye “glosses” or other terms used for this type of eye color product such as the aforementioned “glazes”, “vinyl”, “lacquers”, etc…, are eye color products/makeup that can be worn on the eyelids either on top of eye shadow or eye makeup or worn on the eye lid alone for a dewy bare natural look.  Mac Cosmetics has Studio Eye “Gloss” in my favorite shades “Money Honey” ( a golden pearl), “Lightly Tauped” (a pearled pinky-brown nude),  and “Pearl Varnish” (so pretty and a shimmering pearly-white) priced at $22.00 with 0.5 fluid ounces in a jar.  Butter London has eye product they call “glazen” eye gloss, also in many pretty shades that apply like a gel and dry like a powder and described as lightweight, long-wearing, and buildable eye color.  There are four shades to choose from, all being very pretty.  In my opinion the prettiest shades are “Bronzed” (a deep sparkling bronze), “Frosted” (a shimmering rose-gold), “Oil Slick” (a color shifting sort of duochrome purple shade), and “Spark” ( a warm sparkling champagne and my fave).  Popsugar has an article called “The top five eye glosses” and the beauty brands that carry them.  It lists as follows (and not in order, 1 being the best and 5 the least favorite), 1.  Jane Iredale Eye Gloss in “Brown Silk” 2.  Becca’s “Birds of Paradise” Eye Gloss 3.  Mac Cosmetics  Pressed Pigment (called a “pigment” but also provides the wet “glossy” look), 4.  Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Eye Cream (the original and most popular eye “gloss” product as well as loved by makeup artists worldwide) 4.  Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Gloss in “Angel’s Play” (they describe as looking like “liquid pearls” with soothing properties in it). 

The newer beauty line called Milk Makeup has an eye color product they call “eye vinyl”.  NYX Cosmetics has an eye product called “lid lacquer”, Jane Iredale  has eye color product called lid “shere”, Stila Cosmetics has eye color products called “foiled finish” eye colors that also have a wet, glossy, and shiny look to them (and incredibly gorgeous), and a company called Paul & Joe Beauty that has eye product/glosses in really pretty pastel shades that are French inspired with my personal color pick favorite of the bunch called “Crème Brule” (a shimmering nude-pink).  The beauty brand called Nakeup Face Cosmetics also an eye “gloss” called “Eye Goss No. 4” in three beautiful shimmering nude shades, called “Cashmere Pink”, “Gorgeous”, (a rosy, beige-nude) and “Nude Glow” (a golden-nude shimmer).  The cosmetics company called 3 Concept Eyes has “Glass Gloss” called a “shiny and transparent” eye gloss (with Tourmaline moisturizing properties) that gives that dewy and healthy glow to any eye look.   The cosmetic line named Eddie Funkhouser has eye product called “Chromographic Eye Gloss” in the shades “Afterglow” (a pretty sheer and transparent pink shine), “Magic Hour” (a deeper transparent pink), and “Twilight” (a sheer transparent blue) that also provides that sheer wash of color lid look.  They run for $11.99 for approximately .05 fluid ounces.  Also, the cosmetics brand called RMS Beauty has cream “luminizers” in “paint pot” form that I have found can be used as an eye “gloss” as well.  The two luminizer shades that I have are “living luminizer” (a gleaming white) and “master mixer” (a rose gold) and are a creamy highlighting formula that highlights with non-chunky, non-glittery, gleam and shine while giving a nice subtle glow and wash of color to the eye lids for a dewy glowing look.  They are a bit on the pricier side with “living luminizer” going for $38.00 and “master mixer”  pricing at $36.00 (a lot for a little jar of product but the formula is really creamy, moisturizing, and pretty darn wonderful).    There is also a cream bronzer called “buriti bronzer” that gives a bronzy gleam should you want a glowing sun-kissed look for summer or other occasion.  The beauty  brand Surratt Beauty founded by makeup artist Troy Surratt has incredibly beautiful cream shadow shades called “prismatique eyes”, seven total, but included in these is  a clear eye “gloss” that is a prismatic topcoat that adds multidimensional shine to really illuminate them.  Anyhow, as you can see there are many different kinds of eye color products or eye “glosses” out there to choose from so experiment away and find the shiny or dewy eye makeup look that suits you best!


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