Fall Makeup Series: Favorite Matte Lipsticks

This post in the fall makeup series is dedicated to one of my favorite parts about makeup; matte lipsticks.  Despite the trend in metallic lipsticks I can’t help but think about the many matte lipsticks  formulas, shades, and colors in shades of the fall season.  I don’t know what it is about matte lipsticks that seems to catch my eye most and maybe it’s just because I love everything about fall, but those colors seem to stick out to me the most than any other season of the year.  The latest trend in the reddish-brown matte shades (and partly having to do with the influence of the makeup choices and popularity of Kylie Kardashian) that are reminiscent of the 1990’s (and era of he famous supermodel Cindy Crawford are right up my alley.  I don’t know if it’s the overall matte lip look that I like over lip glosses, stains, or other lip product or the whole matte look in general, but it is one that I love because it makes a bold statement in such a soft understated way, whether it’s a mauve pink-nude or a dramatic sultry red, the lip can set the stage for the whole face.  I also think matte lips can give such a lovely blurred out effect to any look but are especially beautiful in the fall with all it’s colors of rusts, olive, earthy browns, and cranberries, etc…

There are certain brands though that I tend to stick to that I prefer when it comes to matte lips.  I already have dry lips routinely so I am really picky and tend to stay away from overly dry lip product that can crack, flake, and be really uncomfortable to wear so I pick the products that have a bit of moisture in them as well as on the sheerer side for that reason.  Sometimes I will apply lightly one coat of matte lipstick and blot it with tissue or on the back of my hand and then apply another coat without blotting and it seems to extend the length of wear and make it more comfortable. .

The brands that I love for matte lipsticks are Nudestix, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Revlon, Bite Beauty, and NYX.  I love the shades from Nar’s Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in “Cruella” (a scarlet red just like the villain character Cruella Deville’s killer lips in the movie 101 Dalmations and a cult classic), “Bahama”, “Pink Brown” as well as the new limited edition “Moon Matte” lipstick in the shades “Indecent Proposal” (a nude rose) and “Rouge Indiscret” (a deep classic red).  I also love Bobbi Brown’s line of matte lip color she calls “Art Sticks”.  They are so incredibly comfortable, highly pigmented, and have just enough creaminess.  I love the shades “Dusty Rose”, “Rose Brown”, and “Cassis” (a deep red wine) and absolutely love the line of “Creamy Matte Color” lipstick in the shade “Latte” (so comfortable and such a great trending color!).  The lip line Bite Beauty’s ” “Matte Cream Lip Crayon” in “Glace”, (a caramel pink), “Madeira”, “Cava” (a beautiful lavender “greige” nude) and “Leche'” (my favorite) that is also legendary for its great taste and use of all natural ingredients.  The beauty brand Nudestix is another one of my favorite brands.  They have different types of makeup product (eye, cheek, and lip pencils as well as eye shadows) that are creamy and pigmented and all conveniently in pencil or “stix” form; hence the name.  I love the shades “Tamed”, “Purity” (a rose-brown that looks good on pretty much anyone), and “Belle”.  On a more affordable note,  NYX cosmetics has some of the best matte lip colors (in formula, cost, wear, and color) called Soft Matte Lip Creams. I love the shades “Abhu Dhabi”, “Instanbul” (a soft nude-pink), “Monte Carlo” (a deep classic red), and my most favorite of all is the color “London” (a soft pink-brown nude).

Revlon has their Ultra HD Matte Lip Color (to which I wish there was more color selection) which is a super comfortable formula as well as brilliant in color and highly pigmented. I like the shades “600”, “Devotion”, and “630 Seduction” which are sheer nudes.   The celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has some relatively new matte lipsticks (that I believe came out last spring or summer) that I am longing to try that look gorgeous especially in the shades “Bond Girl”, “Walk of Shame” (both beautiful dramatic reds), and I am definitely going to try “Very Victoria” (a beautiful nude-pink).  Another beauty name with a focus on lip color is Gerard Cosmetics (that familiar lipstick in the gold bullet packaging) with some really gorgeous mattes with two of my favorites being “Cherry Cordial” (a deep chocolate cherry) and the very popular “1995” (a nude reddish-brown).  So, whatever matte lipstick you choose for fall, enjoy them and know that there are many to choose from in all the great colors for the fall season.

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