Topic of the Week Tuesday: Hydrating Facial Mists

The dryer weather of fall and the upcoming winter season is upon us and so does the effect it has on our skin.  I don’t know about all of you but when that time comes I reach for more hydrating skin products that help ease dryness and hydrating facial sprays are one of the ways that my skin seems to love.  My skin is already dry and sensitive so I have to pile on the moisture and hydrating facial sprays that help remedy it.  There are so many different hydrating formulas on the market in spray form now that provide amazing moisturizing and hydrating benefits to the skin.  They can be used underneath makeup to hydrate as part of your skin care routine, put on top of your makeup to set it and add extra moisture, or to add extra moisture to your face as you go about your day spritzing every so often.

Almost all beauty brands carry hydrating facial sprays that can sometimes be called other things such as skin care “mists”, “setting” sprays, and spritzers, etc…and contain a multitude of various skin benefits such as minerals, vitamins, botanicals, humectants, and sometimes acids such as “hyraulonic  acid” (a chemical that helps skin retain moisture) as well as anti-aging benefits.  They can be high end, low end, and everywhere in between with some being better than others so when “you get what you pay for” really does ring true, know that there are some really great ones out there and some that really do exactly what they say they will.

Tatcha is one of the brands that I have tried and love that really does what it says it will.  It is on the pricey end but it has so many great skin care benefits in it like “Red Algae” (a hydrating botanical), humectants, and anti-aging properties that feel so good and leave your skin with a really beautiful healthy glow.  I’m not super crazy about the scent of it but the healthy properties in it and the effects it gives more than outweigh that.  I like to apply it as the last skin care step and spray it all over my face letting it soak into my skin.  I sometimes spray it several times throughout the day if I have a bare face with no makeup on.  It can be used after makeup as a setting spray (avoiding the eyes depending on what mascara you are wearing because it can make it run) but I tend to shy away from that because it can give me an oily look sometimes but love it because of my dry sensitive skin.  I also love Mac Cosmetics Prep & Prime Fix Plus which is named a makeup “finishing” spray that contains vitamins, minerals, green tea, chamomile, and cucumbers and is so refreshing.  I spray it throughout the day for added moisture and after makeup to set it from which it is so great at doing.

Some of those that I haven’t tried but want to are Caudalie “Beauty Elixir” a hydrating mist that is plant-based and an “anti-dull complexion treatment” that claims to smooth fine lines and anti-age, as well as giving skin an instant radiance that is well loved with quite the cult following by many makeup artists and skin care enthusiasts.  I also want to try Makeup Forever’s “Mist & Fix” (I have wanted to try this forever because of many makeup artists saying it’s fantastic) named a setting spray but hydrates and protects from pollutants as well, Mario Bedescu’s “Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater” (a cult favorite “makeup artist must have”) that radiates and hydrates with botanicals, herbs and aloe vera, gardenia, and rose (and can be used as a makeup setting spay too), Josie Maran’s “Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist” that is a deep hydrating treatment mist filled with argan oil, protein rich, multi fruit complex, natural essences of cucumber, and “Konja Root” for skin texture that you spray on after your cleansing routine (I have heard so much good about this), and Milk Makeup’s “Face Mist” that is also a hydrating spray with a bunch of antioxidants and botanicals in it.  Another one I would like to try after having samples of Deep Sea Hydrability skin care from Shu Eumura is their Deep Sea Water Facial Mists in Lavender and Rose that have herbs and deep sea water in them with a really fine mist spry.

So, as you can see there are many different sprays out there and just as many beauty brands to choose them from.  On the site About Style there is a list of top 10 makeup products including a top 10 hydrating facial spray list and Allure is a great resource for beauty product news and favorite beauty picks.  Hydrating your face with facial mists or sprays is an easy and convenient way to add more moisture to your skin with lots of wonderful skin care benefits to boot, so by adding these as an extra step to your skin care regimen or whenever you need a hydration boost to what you already do or adding it to your makeup routine you’re sure to add in that extra moisture to your skin that this season and the colder weather of winter seems to bring.


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