Topic of the Week Tuesday: Multi Colored Highlighters

Looking throughout the beauty industry lately there seems to be a trend of different multi-colored highlighters emerging everywhere.  They are showing up in various colorful pastel shades of purples, blues and greens, as well as in pale yellows also including hues of pink, taupe, and orange in between.  There are so many beauty brands/cosmetic lines that are starting to carry them now with one of the first coming from Anastasia Beverly Hills called the “Moonchild Glow Kit” described as having a “kaleidoscope shimmering effect” with the shades “Blue Ice” (a diamond white with an icy effect), “Star” (a moonstone fusion of mint, platinum, and silver reflect), “Purple Horseshoe” (a glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect), “Pink Heart” (a pearl white  with a pink opal reflect), “Lucky Clover” (a shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect), and “Blue Moon” (a frozen blue with silver reflect).  The beauty brand

Sleek Makeup has four highlighting palettes with “Midas Touch” and “Solstice” being the most multi-colored of the four with Solstice seeming to be the most popular recently on the beauty market.  It has 3 baked powder highlighters and one luxurious cream highlighter.  They are in beautiful colors of pink, lavender, gold, and a “beigey-champagne.”  The “Midas Touch” Palette also includes four highlight shades including 2 baked powders, one luxurious cream, and one silky shimmer powder with shades of pale gold, orange, lavender, and taupe that can be used for face and body fitting all skin tones that goes for only $12.49 which for the quality of the product is such a great deal.  The much loved makeup artist favorite Mac Cosmetics has Extra Dimension Skin Finish Highlighters that are a liquid to powder formula that lasts up to 12 hours with four shades “Beaming Blush” (a pink that breaks gold), “Double Gleam” (a peach that breaks gold), “Soft Frost” (a white that breaks violet), “Show Gold” (a peach that breaks pink).  They are described as having “prasmatic” reflections to sculpt and highlight with a luminous glow and well defined finish.  Makeup Geek just recently came out with single individual highlighters (13 in total including duochromes) that range in color from pale whites, yellows, peaches, pinks, and champagnes to darker tones in beiges, browns, and one in a rusty brownish-red.  All these claim to (and I’m sure do although I have not tried them) create many multi-dimensional looks and can be used not just for beauty/glam looks (as with Anastasia’s “Moonglow” palette) but also for makeup looks such as for special effects, theatre, or costume with magical creatures such as fairies, unicorns , and celestials, etc…

A few other cosmetic brands that have some multi-colored highlighters as well are Makeup Revolution that has the “Ultra Glow Palette”, Touch of Glam has it’s “Pearl Shifting Powders (in shades of pale yellow, lavender, orange, and blue-violet), NYX Cosmetics has it’s Strobe/Highlighting Palette, etc…, and the one I can’t wait for soon to be releasing Kat Von D’s Alchemist palette with the shades “Green Emerald” (an emerald green), “Ultra-Violet Amethyst” (looks to be a purple/violet shifting duochrome), “Blue Saphyre” (looks to be a light blueish), and “Pink Opal” (looks to be a shifting peachy pink color) just recently introduced at The Makeup Show and I believe launching sometime in  December.  So with the holidays coming there will be plenty of highlight products to choose from so with all that’s out there to get as well as those still yet to lauch for the holiday season it is sure you will be able to make one of your most sparkly glowing looks ever!




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