Topic of the Week Tuesdays: Facial Masks

When it comes to facial masks there can be just as many to choose from as there are problem skin types but one thing for sure, facial masks are such a great addition to any skin care regimen (as well as feeling great and giving you that “spa” treatment feel at home we all love) with so many beneficial properties to your complexion that it can be worth the headache going through them all to find the right one.  There is a plethora of masks for detoxifying, hydrating, exfoliating, clarifying, illuminating, toning, firming, and brightening.  There are just as many that fit into the high end and the low end so there is definitely a mask out there to fit pretty much anyone’s needs.  They can come in many forms such as creams, powders, gels, and even caviars, (an interesting ingredient that I had never heard of until recently that adds extra moisture, omega 3 fatty acids, collagen building properties , and proteins to the skin which is actually quite the same cell like structure as our own skin and that is currently trending in the skin care market.  La Prairie has a mask called the “Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask” (that I haven’t tried but I’m sure is wonderful and if your mouth doesn’t drop open with astonishment at the sight of the price for those that can afford it please do share your thoughts because I would love to hear the reviews about it).  As always with anything out there on the market there are some masks that do what they say they will, and some that won’t and a higher price tag isn’t always an indicator of a “better” mask by any means.  There are plenty in the lower price bracket such as Loreal, Neutrogena, and Olay, etc…, that are just as effective; some of them even more so than the higher priced brands.  There are brands that carry some great masks such as Glamglow (one of my favorite brands).  The Thirstymud hydrating treatment mask is so moisturizing and smells like honey and coconut oils and leaves your face feeling super soft.  The Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask and the one you can literally see working consists of organic clays with eucalyptus and chamomile extracts and pulls all the toxins out of your skin (and also an Allure Magazine “Best of Beauty” winner), Truself Organics, Lancôme, Drunken Elephant, Philosophy, Origins, Mario Bedescu, Lush, etc…  the beauty market.

Some masks have organic clay for detoxifying in many colors as well as some being ready mix in powder form or together ready to go.  Truself Organics is one that is a powder and you can adjust the amount of water to suit the consistency you need. It is a good dupe for the Glamglow Supermud mask with a much lower price tag.  Loreal just came out with three new clay masks; The Purify & Mattify (more for oily skin I think), The Detox & Brighten (with charcoal and also a good dupe for the Glamglow Supermud mask), and The Exfoliate and Refine masks.  Olay has the Regenerist Luminous Overnight Gel Mask which is really great feeling on the skin and very moisturizing that you leave on all night and your skin is baby soft and smooth when you wake up.  I really liked this one and it has such a pleasant light fresh scent.  The “Pure Empreinte Masque” from Lancôme (a purifying mineral mask with white clay) is a really nice one and is very smooth and dries well without being too harsh and uncomfortable on the skin leaving it feeling smooth and looking bright and healthy.

Masks can really brighten up the skin especially when it needs it during the long cold, dry, winter, months and unclog pores and control extra oils sometimes produced in the hot summer months too.  So with all the mask choices out there you’re sure to find one that will address your specific skin issue or one just for when you feel like treating yourself to some extra “tlc”.










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