Topic of the Week Tuesday: Floating Eyeliner

L1050547The topic for this post is an eye makeup trend that seems to be popping up this season everywhere called “floating eyeliner”.  It is also called “no winged liner” or  “invisible liner”.  It has hit the entertainment industry scene everywhere from the music awards, fashion runways, and has been seen all over Instagram.  It is a technique that makes it look as if your eye liner is “floating” and because the area beneath it where the liner usually is, there is bare eyelid.  This can be achieved with tape for a guideline and cleaned up underneath the liner with makeup remover and a Qtip so there are no smudges and a clean line making the area beneath the liner bare thus creating an illusion of “floating” liner and eye makeup.  Some of the makeup used in this look is bright and vivacious and mostly used with warm colors but sometimes the usual pastel colors one would usually expect to see in spring-time always used are not.  It would be fun to mix and match different colored eyeshadows and even try using different colored eyeliners besides just the usual black or brown to bring in a whole range of shades.

Also, sometimes paired with it is an inner corner highlight in a peach or light mauve color that really adds a beautiful illuminating touch to the whole look.  It’s a very different kind of trend and at first I didn’t like it but I think depending on how you play around with different shadows and formulas as well as dot size it can be a really beautiful and fun look!

*Photo by Allure Magazine and Makeup Artist Nasiabelli

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