Highlighter Focus: Smashbox + Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette in Pearl

This recent highlighter palette and collaboration with beauty Youtuber Casey Holmes is one that I have been so excited about purchasing and reviewing for a very long time and just got at Sephora, was available to the public for the first time on February 20th, 2017 and online at Smashbox for a couple of weeks before releasing to the general public and then everywhere else like Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, and online.  There are two palettes to choose from, a “Pearl” palette and a “Gold” palette which is a set of two to use that kind of reminds me of contouring and highlighting in a “strobing” kind of way by accenting the highpoints of the face with highlight, and receding with no contour at all on the lower points or using slightly darker contour shades.  It’s a little like a “lighter” or less heavy form of bringing out dimension in the face than the more traditional heavier contouring of the face.  The “shimmer-shades” can also be used with the contour, by themselves, or layered on top of blush.

They are both so beautiful and can be used together or separate and just bought what I thought was the most beautiful of the two which is the “Pearl” Palette and the darker one called the “Gold” Palette.  It is so sparkly and gorgeous with three shades; the first color being (from left to right) called “Blow a Fuse Pearl”, the middle “Crank It Up Pearl”, and the third “Turn It On Pearl”.  The third one, “Turn It On Pearl”, is my favorite and a really sparkly “champagney beige” that is breathtaking.  They are pretty rich in color and more I would say on the “medium to high” pigmented side.

They are priced at $35.00 a piece each being .30 ounces with there being a good amount of product and three shades to choose from in each palette.  The “Turn It On Pearl” shade on the far right I tried over blush, and turned out a sparkly less pigmented but just as pretty lighter looking highlight and definitely more of a topper shade to me than a “BAM” you can see my highlight from space kind of highlight.  The middle shade (“Crank It Up Pearl”), is the more medium shade and a bit more pigmented than the previous sparkly lighter shade and is more on the bronzy side with less of a “sparkle” to it (kinds of reminds me of Urban Decay’s Moondust Shadows).  They that have that sheer wash color and sparkle to them instead of heavy pigmentation) and more of a heavy “glow” to it but just as pretty being a “golden amber” glow.  The first shade from the left, “Blow A Fuse Pearl”, is the lightest of the three and a pale yellow with more of a sheen or glow to it than the more obvious sparkling other two.  All in all, I am really impressed with this palette and think it is of great quality, really beautiful, and multifunctional and would recommend it to anybody; great job Casey Holmes and Smashbox!


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