Topic of the Week Tuesday: Floral Eye Makeup

L1050623Trending and popular this spring is a makeup look that you would probably not ever think of (or at least I didn’t), that would be put together with combination of eye makeup and flowers to create an interesting look for spring that definitely catches the eye and a very creative way to ring in spring with makeup.  I first saw this look in Allure magazine and have since been seeing it in mainstream beauty media and in the fashion arena.  I thought it a little odd but the more I look at the different eye makeup looks with flowers in them and the coordinated eye shadows and colorful liners they have been pairing with them that I am starting to really like this look.  Some really beautiful looks are used in combination with color coordinated flowers, glitter, eye shadow, and colored liquid eyeliner (including gold and silver together which is particularly striking).  I’ve also seen these looks be paired with different colored mascaras that carry the same color coordinated theme of the eye look which is also really pretty.  There are also creative drawings on the eye paired with these and rhinestones, feathers, stickers or decals and other materials used which adds a whole other dimension to the look and an element of fun.

As I was looking at these I wondering to myself how in the world do they get the flowers to stick or stay in place and read that they use lash glue or clear latex free adhesive which with the right cleansers and makeup removers is easy to use.  I would imagine depending on the eye makeup used or which formulas whether powder or cream, would effect the “stickability” of the materials used.  I would think that the use of real fresh flowers would be best and easier to use because of the pliability and would be better than the dried stiffer ones would.  It looks like a really fun look to try and a really creative way to express yourself through makeup and I definitely plan on trying this look for spring!

*Photo Allure Magazine and bekkaharvey_mua

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