Makeup Brush/Tool Focus: Mikasa 8 Piece Brush Set

The Mikasa 8 piece make up brush set is a new one to me but one that I’m glad I purchased.  I have seen makeup artists use them and thought they were such nice brushes but never knew the brand they were using was this one.  The set includes 3 face brushes and six eye brushes in the set and all very well made with sturdy handles and what looks to be sterling silver brush tip anchoring with some synthetic and some natural brushes.  There is the F100 Powder brush, F111 Blush brush, F200 Duo Fibre Finishing brush, E100 Angled Liner brush, E230 Eye Shader brush, E300 Blending brush, E220 Concealer brush, and E310 Pencil brush.  All the bristles are very soft and solidly secure without shedding which is great because it can be really annoying when you are doing your makeup and bristles come out on your face or in your eyes.  The set is priced at $95.00 and comes in a sharp looking leather (or pseudo leather) case with a snap top which is great to keep them in and great for travel too.  I get a discount being an MUA but even with the set price the quality of the brushes is worth it.  These are some of the best brushes I have ever used.

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