Highlighter Focus: Violet Voss “Rose Gold” Pro Highlighter Palette

The new “Rose Gold Pro Highlighter Palette” from Violet Voss that just launched on May 10th is one that I have waited for and when I saw it I had to get my hands on it!  It has the most gorgeous shades of rose gold in metallic and monochromatic tones and one of the prettiest highlighter palettes I think I have ever seen.  There are six colors (from left to right); “Tea Rose” (a light tan golden), “Rouge” (a rose peach), “Bloom” (a pale gold), “Blossom”(a light rose gold) , “Petals” (a beige gold) , and the shade that I think is the prettiest of all “Fleur” (a duochrome pink gold shift….subtle but very pretty).  They range in shades from light to dark so they work well with all different colored skin tones and the formula is the buttery smooth that all makeup lovers and makeup artists talk about, dream of, and love as well as being very pigmented with high color pay off.

Each pan has a good amount of product in them as well as pan being of pretty good size.  Rose gold is one of my favorite color combos and this palette has plenty of variations of that combo with both light and dark shades of that range so you can use it with many different types of makeup color combinations whether it be face makeup,  or eye makeup you’re wearing and coordinate them to what ever look or color theme you are wearing that goes with it the best.  They also vary in the degree of the “glow” they put out with some of them being a more subtle glow like “Rouge”, “Tea Rose”, “Fleur”.  The shades called “Petals”, “Bloom”, and “Blossom”.  I have mostly ordered lip products from Violet Voss but if this palette is any indication of the other products they carry in their beauty line I am definitely trying more of them and would highly recommend this palette to anyone!







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