Drugstore Makeup Focus: Loreal’s Visible Lift “Color Lift Blush “

Loreal has a fairly new blush that came out on the beauty market a little while back that seemed to be on trend with the cushion type formula that was coming out in blushes, concealers, and foundations that I have always been curious about but have never gotten to try.   They are of a hybrid cream to powder formula with some very beautiful colors that would work  well with most skin tones.  They have some illumination to them and can also be used to contour the cheekbones. 

They are comfortably silky and “lightweight in texture” with a “tourmaline pearl” finish and are pretty pigmented but if you felt you needed a heavier application you could always add extra layers as well as use in combination with a layer of powder applied on top.  Loreal also says this formula “will not settle in to fine lines” and gives a “flawless even tone” and they really do have a very illuminating glow to them.  

The colors I purchased are 706 “Berry Lift” (a dark plummy-mauve), 701 “Rose Gold Lift” (a pink rose-gold), and 705 “Nude Lift” (a peachy brown-gold).  The other colors are “Coral Lift” (a red orange), “Peach Gold Lift” (a peachy pink), and “Pink Lift” (a bright pink) and are mostly soft natural shades that are perfect for a natural day look or when applied with a heavier application for a layered night look that could also be used with a top layer of a similar toned blush (powder or cream) as well as with another color in combination with it.  They contain 0.14 ounces of product and are priced at $12.95.  So, I would have to say that for the price, and a drugstore brand (which Loreal usually is) they are worth the purchase!

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