Highlighter Focus: Milk Makeup Liquid Strobe Highlight Pens

Milk makeup is a relatively new makeup line that has so far seemed to be more popular with the younger generation with an that has an edgy spin to it but since I have tried and seen a few of their products I am beginning to think that it is not just for the younger generation alone.  I am addicted to highlighters and became interested when I first saw the Allure award winning Holographic Stick in “Supernova” and when I saw the Liquid Strobe Pens I was immediately interested so I had to purchase them.

I have always preferred powder and cream highlighters over liquid but these Liquid Strobe Pens are in a formula that is actually pretty pigmented.  When I first tried them I didn’t I think that they were, but once I worked with them a little they really were more pigmented than I thought.  They come in three colors called “Ultra-Violet” (an “iridescent lavender”), “Beam” (a gold), and “Aura” (a “light pink”) to which the color “Ultra-Violet” is a little less pigmented and a bit patchy but still a beautiful unique lavender color.  They can be used like a regular highlighter and be applied to the high points of the face as usual.  The applicator is a roller ball style and can be a little difficult to work with and can come out a bit gloppy so a sponge could be used for blended coverage as well as to reduce the smear, droplet, or streaking effects that liquid products can sometimes do when applied to the face and mixed with other makeup already on it.  It can also be applied with your fingertips being be dabbed on and blended in that way too.

They are priced at $24.00 and have 0.13 fl. ounces and come in clickable plastic tubes which is an interesting applicator and storage method compared to other containers and applicators illuminators usually are.  I can’t say I’m real crazy about this method and feel it’s a little on the side sloppy to work with and prefer the highlighter stick applicator, loose powder, or compact, etc… method usually, but they are pretty illuminators and the price is good for the product you get overall.


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