Trending Focus: Polka Dot Lash Makeup

The winged polka dot eyeliner look that is trending this summer is one I have never seen before but looks to be a fun one and seems to be growing more and more in popularity this season.  I first saw it in an article in Allure magazine on singer Katy Perry while studying for another look that is also trending that is the floral eye makeup look also hitting the spring/summer season.  I’ll admit I wasn’t real crazy about it at first but the more looks I saw being modeled of it, the more I began to like it.

It is a look that usually has a dot placed in the center of the lower lash line with materials used that can either be eyeliner in liquid, pencil, or powder form (including the multi-colored instead of just the usual black) or with rhinestones, flowers, glitter or other things that can be used for this look.   I was also curious as to how they got these materials to stick learned that lash glue was used to adhere it which I think is really clever as well as being very easy to use and apply as well as remove with eye makeup remover.

There is usually just one dot in the center of the lower lash line but instead of just one dot in the center of it there can be several placed in line along it one after the other for the winged liner look.  If you choose to use glitter, just be careful that flakes of it don’t get it in your eye and are using a glitter type that is eye makeup user friendly.  There are several methods of application that can be used but it seems like using the rounded end of a pencil product like a lip or eye liner pencil is really easy to use as well as using tweezers and an eye liner brush.

Another version of this dot eye liner look that I like is when there are multiple dots placed close together making it look as if it is one long lower lash liner.  It’s especially pretty I think when there are multiple colors used or several used together that are color coordinated or in the same color scheme.  Nyx’s relatively new and really colorful liquid liners called “Vivid Brights Liner Collection” (liquid liners) that would be pretty to use as well as the Marc Jacobs “Highliner Gel Crayons” or “Matte Highliner Eye Pencils” in a lot of really pretty colors that are really popular on the beauty market right now.  I think they are a lot easier to use than using powdered eyeshadows which might be more inclined to wearing off or subject to fly away that powder can sometimes do.

However you decide to try this new makeup trend this season there are definitely a lot of ways to use it whichever color or style type you decide to use with plenty of room for creativity to meet the makeup maverick in you!

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