Highlighter Focus: Wet & Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powders

Wet and Wild “Megaglo Highlighting Powders” made quite a debut a little while back when they came out with the colors “Crown of My Canopy” and “Precious Petals” and have now just launched four more new very creative colors in the highlighting series called “Royal Calyx”, “Blossom Glow”, “Golden Flower Crown”, and “Botanic Dream”.  They have the same beautiful embossed floral pattern on them as the original two with a good amount of product in the pan (0.19 oz.) priced at $4.99.  They are creamy, “silky smooth”, and pigmented with “Royal Calyx” (a lavender blue) is probably the least pigmented of the four with a little bit of a “chunky” glitter but also with a pretty sparkle to it.  The others are “Golden Flower Crown” (being a true gold”), “Botanic Dream” (my second favorite….a subtle glowing blush-pink), and “Blossom Glow” (and my favorite of all….a pearly champagne-beige).  They all blend nicely on the skin and all are very glowy with “Blossom Glow” having the most intense highlight and “Royal Calyx” being an “outer worldly” with a fun “paranormal-ish” blue-lavender glow to it.

Wet and Wild has done it again with these new additions to the Megaglo Highlighting Powder line and if the success of the original two highlighters is an indicator of how successful these four beautiful new MegaGlo highlighters will be, they will fly off the shelves like the others did so you better get them while you can before they sell out!

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