Highlighter Focus: Anastasia’s “Liquid Glow” Highlighters

When I saw the sneek peeks of the new Liquid Glow Highlighters on Instagram on the wonderful Trendmood1 account page without even knowing it was an upcoming new product launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills (only how incredibly gorgeous and intense the highlight shown) I immediately couldn’t wait until they came out to purchase them.  As a rule Anastasia Beverly Hills has consistently and repeatedly come out with nothing but amazing quality product definitely making a name for themselves in the makeup world and the beauty market as more than just great brows.  I haven’t yet purchased any of the single shadows (I have wanted to for a long time and plan to very soon) but have the “Modern Renaissance” palette (love the creaminess and pigmentation of them), several of the “Glow Kits” (including the Nicole Guerriero palette), the individual powder highlighters (to which “So Hollywood” and “Riviera” are my favorites), as well as the brow products for my professional kit and absolutely love all of those having been very happy with them and expect nothing less than amazing in these first liquid highlighter products from them.

There are four highlighters in the collection and come in the colors (pictured left to right) “Perla” (a sparkly champagne beige”), “Oyster” (a glowing pearly pink), “Peach Fizz” (a shimmering peach gold), and “Bronzed” (a gilded bronze) and all of them with good color range to fit many different skin tones.  My two favorites of the four are “Perla” and “Oyster”.  “Oyster” really does remind me of the inside of an oyster shell with that same pearly pink “mother of pearl” look that real oyster shells have and “Perla” has that classic pale white gold glow that goes well with so many looks.  They are all silky smooth in consistency without being patchy and have that intense color pay off without being “brashy” or “bold” looking and can be built upon to add that extra high impact intensity for a more dramatic glowing look.  They are easy to blend and can be applied with your fingertips, a blending brush, or a beauty blender sponge.  They come in easy to use non-messy tubes with 0.68 fluid ounces of product and run for $25.00 a tube.  They can be used to add highlight and dimension to the high points of the face or (as advertised) can be used to highlight areas of the body such as shoulders, collar bone or decollete’ for a sultry glowing skin look.

Once again, Anastasia has hit the mark with more great product in these Liquid Glow Highlighters and without being outrageously priced, so for the quality they are for the price I would definitely recommend these to anyone for personal use and as a great addition to any makeup artist kit!




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