Fragrance Focus Summer Edition: Dolce & Gabbana’s “Light Blue”

I couldn’t do a summer fragrance focus post without paying tribute to one of my favorite fragrances for summer in Dolce & Gabbana’s “Light Blue”.  I think its the most perfect fragrance for summer with it’s light, soft, crisp, and clean fresh scent.  It has top notes of Sicilian cedar, crisp apple, and bluebell flower, heart notes of fresh bamboo, jasmine, and white rose, as well as base notes of citron wood, amber, and light musk.  Sephora calls the style of this fragrance as “deep and true” and I would definitely agree that it is a “pure” and a sincere subtle but “there” fragrance in a “steady” never fading sort of way.  It just reminds me of a summer day, sunshine, and white linen in a field of flowers or a spring meadow but with a bit of sophistication too.  It comes in a beautiful and classic silver, blue, and smoked glass bottle and comes in several sizes.  I have the 50 ml/1.6 fluid ounce bottle of Eau de Toilette that goes for $76.00 but there are also 0.8 ounce (priced at $57.00) , 3.3 ounce (priced at $98.00), and 6.7 ounce (priced at $134.00) sizes.  It is truly a classic summer fragrance that I will always love.

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