Topic of the Week Tuesday: Waterproof Bronzers

Summer time is the time for fun and sun but bronzers can be a safer way to get color without worrying about the harmful effects of radiation from natural sunlight and what better way to accomplish that than with water proof bronzers?!  They can be a great way as compared to just regular bronzers for keeping that color on through all the water time (pool or ocean) fun.

There are many bronzers to choose from on the beauty market but it is hard to find bronzers that are a good natural color that fit with your own natural skin tone without having that orangey cast or “fake bake” look and it seems even harder to find one that is all that PLUS waterproof.  I researched the internet and found what seems to be the highest rated and most popular of waterproof bronzers that many have raved a out and decided to put them to the test.  There are five that I purchased (both high end and low end) that as far as color, brand, and effectiveness goes I thought would be the best to try (while there were many other bronzers out there from all kinds of different cosmetic companies that I have for personal use and for my professional that are my favorite for color and contour but of none are these are the highest rated) out there on the beauty market.  The five I chose are Wet & Wild’s Coloricon Bronzer in “Bikini Contest”, Makeup Forever’s Pro Bronze Fusion (gel to powder) Bronzers in “Amber” (has a little bit of sparkle) and “Sand”, Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in “Park Avenue Princess”, Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer Waterproof Bronzing Powders in 021 “Sun Light”, and Cargo’s “Swimmables” Water Resistant Powder Bronzer (with a really pretty sparkling glow to it).

After hitting the pool to test them (just the pool because there is no ocean or salt water to test them with in The Rocky Mountain state of Colorado I live in) I picked five that I thought were the best (high end and low end) in performance, quality, and color with the best being last.  Starting at number 5 is Physician’s Formula Natural Bronzer WaterProof Bronzing Powder in 021 “Sun Light”.  It was a pretty color with pretty good pigmentation as well as nice and creamy but didn’t hold up well at all to the chlorine swimming pool test and wore off almost immediately after 30 to 40 minutes of swim time.  Ranked at fourth (and a big surprise and let down) was Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in “Park Avenue Princess”.  It is a beautiful color with creamy matte pigmentation and smoothness in formula but I really thought (and hoped because of the consistent quality in Tarte products that they always produce) that it would hold out in waterproof wear better than it did.  Coming in at 3rd place was Wet & Wild’s “Coloricon” Bronzing Powder (which in contrast to Tarte I was really impressed with and more than I thought I would be and also a winner of the Oprah Magazine “O award”) was really buttery, pigmented, and definitely a gorgeous natural bronze color with a bit of sparkle in it that added to the warm glow it has.  Besides that, it lasted a long time in the pool against the chlorine water.  In 2nd place was Makeup Forever’s Pro Bronze Fusion in “Amber” (with jus a kiss of sparkle to it) and “Sand” (a “cinnamnony” matte color) which has such a great cream/gel to powder formula that is so smooth and pigmented with such a beautiful luminous glow to it.  It also (which was expected because of the known quality of their makeup products) held out really well to the chlorine water of the pool and the swim test.  Really really happy with these bronzers from MUFE Cosmetics!

Last but certainly not least, was Cargo’s Swimmables Water Resistant Powder Bronzer.  I have not tried a lot of products from this beauty brand but the few I have tried (the “Colorstick” cream highlighter in “Champagne”, the Swimmables Eye Pencils, and now this bronzer) I am SO impressed with!  I can’t rave enough about the amazingness of this bronzer.  Not only did it last the longest during the swimming pool activities and the chlorine water, it is such a beautiful glowing bronze color with a super creamy formula that is so pigmented with more of a glow to it than a sparkle without having that fake “orange” cast that so many bronzers can have.  It comes in a metal (but kind of unstable) container but be careful because it is fragile and can fall out easily.  When I was setting up the photo for this post the product fell out and I was heartbroken!

The Wet & Wild bronzer goes for $3.99 with 0.46 ounces of product, Tarte’s Amazonian goes for $30.00 with 0.32 of product, MUFE’s Pro Fusion is priced at $36.00 and 0.38 ounces of product, Rimmel Natural is $5.49 with 0.49 ounces of product, and Cargo Swimmables is $29.00 for 0.45 ounces of product.

So, whichever waterproof bronzer you choose for color for your summer activities whether it be pool or ocean fun time, there are at least several high end and low end products to choose from for whatever is the most budget friendly to your pocket book.





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