Highlighter Focus: Maybelline’s Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

This new highlighter from Maybelline called Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in “Molten Gold’ has been blowing up on the social media arena lately especially with a lot of the beauty influencers on YouTube as one of the best highlighters Maybelline has ever made; possibly one of the best they have ever seen from a drug store.  I first saw it on a monthly favorites video a month or so ago and more recently on several more August favorites videos.  When it comes to drugstore brand cosmetics, besides the brand Loreal, Maybelline has always been one of my favorites.  They have always had great mascaras like the Allure Magazine award winning, the increasingly popular “The Nudes” eyeshadow palettes, the 24 Hour Color Tattoo Cream Shadows, the recent “Fit ME” blushes, bronzes, and finishing powders, and the “Fit Me” concealers that made such a hit last year, as well as the recent raving of the new “City Minis” Eyeshadow Palettes designed by L.A. Based makeup artist @makeupbyshayla.

The Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in “Molten Gold” is a recent addition and new highlighter to the line of highlighting products from Maybelline including the “Master Strobing Sticks” and “Master Strobing Liquid Illuminators” with “Molten Gold” being the first pressed powder metallic highlighter from Maybelline and probably the most intense I have ever seen from them.  This highlighter is a “drop your jaw” beaming gold highlight that is so pigmented that it picks up tons of product (and then some) just from one swipe of your finger and with such intense color pay off it doesn’t take much product.  It is a really creamy and easy to blend formula that does well with either a blender or a shader/packing brush with no kickback or powdery fly away at all. This highlighter really speaks for itself and I guess its just one you have to see for yourself to believe how amazing it is.  So, just like everyone has been raving about all over social media, it honestly is one of the most beautiful highlighters I have ever seen at the drugstore and would definitely agree that it may one of the most beautiful highlighters I have seen on the market ever.

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