Makeup Focus Review: Too Faced’s “Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder”

The new “Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder” from Too faced is one that I have heard and seen being praised everywhere from social media and the beauty influencers of YouTube, to the media advertising for cosmetics and beauty brands and really wanted to try especially with the success, popularity, and incredible quality of the other products I have tried from them like the Too Faced “Better Than Sex Mascara”, “Born This Way” Concealer & Foundations, the “Chocolate Bar” and “Sweet Peach” Eyeshadow Palettes (and the buttery pigmented formula that they are known and to die for), and the “Melted” Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in the beautiful nude shade called “Sugar” (also an incredible formula), as well as because of the describing word used in the title of the powder with the word “ethereal”.  It just sounds so light, illuminating, and “angelic” and any powder or cosmetic item that claims to make the skin that way I am all for.

Described by Too Faced it claims to “aid in delicately replenishing the skin’s moisture levels with coconut water (that the Too Faced RX Hangover primer that has coconut water in it with a wonderful light coconut scent), to brighten and boost skin’s radiance with “alpine rose water”, as well as give a “smoother more youthful appearance to the complexion”  with hyaluronic acid.  The powder itself is a really light, airy, and silky smooth consistency that has a light and illuminating affect to it that really does brighten and give a glow to the complexion (and not the kind of “brightening” look based on just a lighter tone or shade that makes it “highlighted” in and of itself when used on the face next to a darker contour shade in contrast), but with an actual glow to it within the powder itself which is just beautiful.  It is a neutral shade that fits with most skin tones and sets without leaving an ashy or white cast (that I would imagine would be safe to use in photography that doesn’t have a “flashback” effect which I plan to try out especially for bridal season).  It is so light and airy that it really lives up to the name “ethereal” and when applied isn’t “cakey” or “clumpy” in any way and sets your makeup with an illuminating (although really subtle and soft) effect that is so sheer it is completely as natural looking as they claim being almost completely undetectable without leaving a dry powdery look to the skin at all.  It is also in a really nice container with a shaker type application lid that is non-messy, easy to use, and user friendly as well as spill resistant having an easy to close snap cap underneath the screw on lid.   It is priced at $32.00 for 0.56 ounces of product and for the quality of and what it claims to do, is it definitely worth the price.

I was so looking forward to trying this product after all the raves I had heard about it and am so glad I purchased it.  I am so impressed with this powder and now see what the fuss has been all about and would absolutely recommend it to anyone and mark it off as another successful product from the Too Faced brand in the “Born This Way” line of products.



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