Topic of the Week Tuesdays: DIY lluminating Primer, Setting, & Water Sprays and Oils.

In beauty news trending, and on social media and rising in popularity are do it yourself illuminated setting sprays, oils, and primers bringing illumination to them whether already pre-made, or by mixing pigments, glitters or highlighters into them and from what I’ve seen on the beauty market of them they are stunningly beautiful and incredibly easy to make.

As far as the ingredients go there are so many different kinds to choose from out there as there are beauty lines and cosmetic companies on the beauty market to search for them on.  There are setting, oil, primer, hydrating, and water sprays that vary price wise depending whether you choose high end or low end products and which cosmetic or beauty line you decide to use.  For setting sprays and primers there are Mac’s Prep & Prime Fix Plus, Urban Decay’s “All Nighter”, “Chill”, and “De-slick sprays, Makeup Forever’s “Mist & Fix”, Gerard Cosmetics “Slay All Day” sprays in all kinds of fragrances like “Green Tea”, “Cucumber”, “Coconut”, and “Lavender” priced at $22.00, Caudalie’s “Beauty Elixir” Setting Spray” and a “makeup artist favorite” for years that runs at $49.00, NYX’s “Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray” at going for 7.99, and ELF’s “Makeup Mist & Set” at $3.00 to name a few.

Some of the oil sprays you can use are Smashbox’s Primer Oil for $42.00, Laura Mercier’s Infusion De Rose Oil priced at $65.00, Mac’s “Essential Oil with Grapefruit & Chamomile”, Smashbox’s Primer Oil at $32.00, etc…, or any type of essential oils that are in your favorite scents or fragrances.  Some of the waters and hydrating sprays on the market to choose from are Mario Badescu’s Facial Sprays in Aloe, Cucumber, & Green Tea” and “Aloe, Herbs, and Rose water sprays that go for $7.00 a bottle, Smashbox’s Primer Water that runs at $32.00, Herbivore’s “Rose, Hibiscus, and Coconut Water” for $32.00, or Pixi’s Skintreats “Glow Mist” spray with Argan Oil as some to try.

When it comes to illuminating these setting, primer, and hydrating sprays and oils there are powders, gels, and glitters, etc…, that you can use that can be mixed in with all of them.  There are pigments, glitters, and highlighters in gel, powder, and liquid form that you can add to them.  Some of them to try can be Mac’s Extra Dimension Highlighters in “Soft and Gentle”, (for this since it is in compact form all you have to do is take a mascara spoolie or wand as seen on the Instagram page of Mac’s and scrape the highlighter letting the powder fall into the liquid or oil) “Oh Darling”, and “Superb” that are priced at $34.00 a piece and would be gorgeous as well as their pigments in “Vanilla”, “Rose Gold”, “Melon”, and “Tan” are also beautiful and can be mixed in.  Some other pigments to use could be Makeup Geek’s Foiled Pigments in “Illusion” (a light pink with golden reflects), “Telepathic” (a light cream with strong peach reflects), or “Atlantis” (a icy blue with silver reflects) that run for $12.00.  For glitters you could use any kind from your favorite brands or cosmetic lines such as Violet Voss at $9.00, Michael’s, Glitter Injections, Makeup Forever’s Diamond Powders (priced at 25.00), or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics priced at $15.00.

To make them you just add whatever illuminating agent you choose and in which form and add these to the setting or primer spray or oil bottle or container already mixed or make your own in a separate bottle that has a nice spray mist depending on the solution used.  If it’s a nozzle without a spray top then a container bottle with a squirt cap can be used for the illuminated mixture to apply to the larger areas of the skin with a brush or sponge.  Then you can apply it to the parts of the body or face that you want to be illuminated and mix until the desired amount of illumination is achieved and spray enjoy!



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