Beauty Brand Discovery Focus: Cargo Cosmetics

I had never really known about the beauty brand Cargo Cosmetics and recently became aware of them over the summer when one of the Allure Beauty Boxes I am subscribed to had one of the Colorsticks in it in the color “Champagne”.  I know summer is over but I have to mention the products that came with the “Swimmables Water Resistant Bronzer” as well that I purchased from them for doing a post on my blog about waterproof bronzers.  I know some of the cosmetic items in the these beauty boxes contain mostly up and coming brands, new brands, or brands that haven’t really been heard of a lot on the beauty market so I wasn’t super expectant when I went to try this one but, when I opened the box and tried this Colorstick I was really pleasantly surprised.  It was creamy, really pigmented, and very blendable as well as such a beautiful color (although I do admit that anything of champagne color in any kind of makeup form is one of my favorite colors right up there along with nudes).

The free gift in the box included was  the “Swimmables Eye Pencil Kit” in the color “Karon Beach” (a royal purple), “Black Sea” (a coal black), “Pebble Beach” (a chocolate brown), and “Loch Ness” (a smokey-blue).   So after trying these and being so impressed by them I decided to purchase some of their other products.  The other product I purchased was the “Swimmables Longwear Eye Shadow Stick in “Glacier Bay” (an icy ivory-beige).  The pencils (that also come in other great colors like “Shelly Beach” (a soft pink nude), “Teal” (a smokey blue-green), and “Dark Green” (a beautiful deep forest-green) are very waterproof and long-lasting and so was the shadow stick that was also really creamy and pigmented and lasted well through water and even overnight to the next morning.  The “Swimmables Water Resistant Bronzer” goes for $29.00 and “Swimmables Eye Color Pencils” go for $16.00.

Though summer is over, these products would be great for other events that require water and sweat proof makeup as well as for a wedding where you need long wear and makeup of the same for the long day of wedding festivities and all those tears of joy that happen on that special day.  I am really glad that I came to know their products through Allure’s beauty box and would definitely suggest them to anyone and plan to be purchasing even more in the future.



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