Fall Highlighter Focus: Beauty Bar Baby’s “Autumn Pumpkin” Highlighter

Halloween and the month of October festivities are here and is probably one of my most favorite holidays as a child and an adult, as well as a makeup artists most creative and fun in the makeup field (and possibly the busiest too).  There are the many looks and faces too create whether its lots a of different character looks or fall glam and everyday daytime and nighttime looks.

The cosmetics brand Beauty Bar Baby is a makeup line that carries glitters, pressed and loose pigments and eyeshadows, liquid lipsticks, highlighters, and makeup brushes that I came across as I was looking for highlighters around Halloween last year.  I immediately loved the festive “Autumn Pumpkin” highlighter and it’s gorgeous golden orange-yellow glow with a pumpkin and vine embossment on the top.  It is the only one in the Halloween Collection makeup line carried by the company which also includes fun things like pressed eyeshadows of different Halloween colors in black, purple, and orange with different characters like spiders, etc… embossed on them, loose eyeshadow pigments in fun creepy character names like “Mummy’s Curse” (a swampy green shimmer), “Bag O Bones” (a glowing bone-white shimmer), and “Pumpkin in a Disco” (a pumpkin-orange glow), as well as liquid lipsticks in the colors “Gingerbread Man Satin” (an earthy brown red), “Deadly Nightshade Liquid” (a deep black-green with sparkles) and “Water Nymph Liquid” (a glowing light blue-green) also included in the Halloween collection.

The “Autumn Pumpkin” highlighter can be used to highlight makeup looks like a painted pumpkin face for an extra “glowing” look to the highlights of the face (or “pumpkin face” if you will) or to other same shade range colored makeup faces.  It is a buttery and pigmented highlighter with a “golden yellow-orange” glow that swatches on smooth.

If you are looking for festive highlighters and makeup this season Beauty Bar Baby has a lot of various seasonal makeup to choose from and some really great highlighters in their line.  Some of the other highlighters that caught my eye were “Pretty in Pink” (a glistening sparkly soft pink), “The Naked Rose” Pressed Highlighter/Bronzer (a floral rosy-pink), “Lavender Moondust” (an icy light soft lavender), and “By The Candlelight Highlighter Pressed Eye and Face Highlighter (a rosy gold).  All of them have different very creative beautiful floral or symbol embossments engraved on top of the them that really make them a lot of fun to use ant to look at.

Whichever makeup or cosmetics line you decide to purchase from, I think Beauty Bar Baby Cosmetics has a lot of great variety in makeup for all occasions to choose from while also being filled with some really creative and unique highlighters that are priced well (from $7.99 to around $30.00) and budget friendly for the home makeup collection or the makeup artist kit.  I’m definitely going to be trying more from them for myself!

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