Holiday Highlighter Focus: Lancôme’s “Glow For It” Highlighter Palette

There are so many beautiful highlighter launches happening this season and one of what I think is the most beautiful among them is Lancôme’s “Glow For It” highlighter palette.  I saw it at Sephora when I was searching for products for my December blog posts and upcoming “Best Holiday Highlighters” post for the blog while I was originally looking, for the new “Multi-Tasking Illuminating Powder All day Wear Dual Finish Highlighters” (which by the way are amazingly buttery and pigmented in really gorgeous shades like “Shimmering Buff” that is a light beige-pink shimmer and “Radiant Rose Gold”, which is a rich true gold-rose that I was so pleasantly surprised and how AMAZING they are), when I came across this palette.  One swatch and I was sold.

It is a trio highlighter with there being four different palettes in four different color themes.  There is “Amethyst Brilliance”, “Golden Gleam”, “Rose Twinkle”, and “Ruby Brilliance” but the palette that I liked the best and purchased was “Golden Gleam” which has three shades in it in a glowing rose-gold, a light wheat-gold, and a sparkly guilded-gold shade.  My other favorite of the four palettes is called “Rose Twinkle” that is a paler highlighter palette with a light pink, a light gold, and a pink-gold sparkle shade in it.  They each run for $39.00 and have a good amount of product in each pan for a small palette.  It is described as an “all over face palette” in a “silky-cushion cream powder that gives you a buildable glow from a subtle highlight to bold color” which I would imagine would mean you could use it alone on only the high points of the face or for an all over glow to your face and parts of the body you want to highlight like the shoulders, collar bone, and decollete’.

I think the shade I liked the best and the one I finally decided to wear to a Christmas party that my apartments had for tenants was the shade in the pan farthest to the right that is a sparkling (not a chunky sparkly but in a good way where the other two were more of a “gleam”, just like the name of the palette, and a glow more than a sparkle to them) “guilded” true gold with almost an “antiquey” look to with flecks of gold very fine glitter in it.  I applied it to the high points of my face (the tip of and bridge of the nose, the top of the cheek bones and brow bone, cupids bow, the tip of my chin, and forehead just above the brows) and it was so beautiful!  My cheekbones were glowing and had a twinkly sparkle to them that gave my face such a “fairyesque” look to it and perfect for the holidays when you want just a little extra special sparkle and something extra for a special occasion.  This shade in the palette would also be so fun and beautiful to wear for New Year’s Eve.  It was such a fun shade to wear and all of them are buttery and very pigmented with great color pay off.  The palettes are priced at $39.00 with a pretty good amount of product in them that I think especially with the quality is a fair price.

I look forward to trying some of the other “Glow For It” palettes which with the varied other shades they have in them (like the “Amethyst Radiance” and “Ruby Radiance” palettes) that makes them just as fun to use for many different occasions other than the holidays.  If you’re looking for a great holiday palette with sparkle then this is definitely one of the top ones out to consider this holiday season.

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