Hair Care Focus: Ouai Hair Care Products

I had first heard of Ouai hair care when I first noticed the beautiful hair in pictures of the Kardashian women on Instagram and other media entities.  I really loved the sexy and simple look of the tousled and slightly messy hair styles they were wearing and then learned that it actually was created, owned, and operated by a friend of the Kardashians in hairstylist (and blog/web site founder and writer), Jen Atkins called (as well as for hairstylist).  She also caters to quite a bit of celebrity clientele besides the Kardashians like Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, and Chrissy Tiegen and has been called the “most influential hair stylist in the world” by New York Times.

The line launched in February 2016 with an approach to tousled yet stylish, chic, polished, and professional hair with emphasis on luxurious yet affordable products some of which like the Allure award winning “Best in Beauty” Wave Spray”).  Jen Atkins is a self made business women that worked her way to the top starting with graduating high school and moving to Los Angeles with a hair care career in mind and after 6 to 8 months at the highly prestige Estilio Salon where she worked as a receptionist and first colored Jessica Alba’s hair for the television show Dark Angel while holding more than one job and earning enough money to attend the beauty academy of Abram Friedman earning her license in about a year and a half and finally landing at the Beverly Hills, California salon of Chris McMillan.  She has worked at salons all over the country in New York and Los Angeles and world including Dubai and China.  It was at the Rita Hazan Salon where she first met the Kardashian’s and I guess the rest is history with her now having a following of 1.5 million on social media.

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The line of products are priced well and in simple attractive packaging that for the amount of product you do get for the price (and the performance of the product) it is well worth it.  I have purchased and fell in love with the “Smooth Spray”, “Wave Spray”, and the “Finishing Crème” in her line with all of them being just as equally good performance wise depending on which hair style look you are trying to achieve.

For straight smooth hair using blow drying I think the Finishing Crème is probably one of the best products I have ever used for this.  My hair when done was so smooth, shiny, and healthy (and not the kind that felt artificial or gunky with too much product applied) having just the right amount of product and the effect of allowing the hair itself to shine through.  The Wave Spray achieves just the right amount of “messy-scrunchy” look that I apply to damp hair after washing and conditioning that is not too sticky or stiff on the hair at all like some products and brands can be but leaves the hair soft and wonderfully messy without to much heavy, sticky, or stiff to it.  The Finishing Crème is a product that is great for applying to the ends of dry or damp hair if you want that popular edgy/”piecey” look without it being that too chunky or over applied product look.  The Wave Spray is priced at $24.00, the Smooth Spray runs for $26.00, and the Finishing Crème is $12.00.  They all have a light,  fresh, and clean scent with the Finishing Crème smelling

The products I am really wanting to try are the “Memory Mist” (a fine mist hair spray that “remembers” the shape of your hair after the product is applied and retouched with just a dampening and shaping of the hair), the “Curl Jelly” (a “gel-oil” that is like a setting type formula that defines curls and waves leaving them glossy and moisturized without frizz), and the “Soft Hair Spray” (a light weight fine hold mist that holds while keeping the humidity out so you can keep that look you worked hard to get).

Along with the her hair care line Jen has launched some hair care products and accessories in the newly established Chloe and Isabell line and her collaboration with them that has some really beautiful and creative hair accessories such as rhinestone and silver headbands, colorful crystal and resin barrettes, edgy metal and pearl pin type clips, combs, and ties, and velvet headbands with even some chokers thrown in.

So, all in all, I think the whole Jen Atkins line of hair care products are wonderful and am so in love with them as far as quality, price, and performance that I will be using these products over and over again and definitely plan on trying more and would recommend them highly to anyone!



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