Highlighter Focus: L’Oreal’s Tru Match Lumi Glow Amour Glowboosting Drops & Shimmersta Highlighting Strobe Powders

The Loreal brand is one of the drugstore brands I love the most for low end cosmetics for quality and price and they have come out with a new highlighter in the Tru Match “glow” line with the new “Lumi Glow Amour” boosting drops” and “Shimmersta Powders”.  The drops are described as “highly pigmented illuminating drops that are an ultra light-weight in formula with a non-greasy texture that blends seamlessly, is hydrating, and can be used alone or mixed with foundation to be used on all skin tones for an “all over glow” or a “targeted glow” on just the highlighted points of the face and body.  There are two shades to choose from in warm and cool tones for dark or fair skin called “Golden Hour” (a warm golden tan) and good for darker skin types for a sun kissed look and “Daybreak” (an cool icy pink) good for fair skinned tones.  They are pretty pigmented (not as much as I thought they would for some other brands with liquid highlighter drops) but they are very pretty colors that you can apply with a sponge, a brush, or with your fingertips.  They are priced at $14.99 with each having 0.47 fluid ounces of product.

There are also 2 new powder highlighters also of the Tru Match Lumi line called “Shimmersta Loose Illuminating/Highlighting/Strobe Powders” with a “prismatic finish that blends seamlessly with a natural effect that is ultra buildable easy to apply for face and body and for all skin tones too.  They also have 2 shades in warm and cool tones called “Sunlight” (a warm beige rose-gold)    and “Moonlight” (a cool icy pale pink).    They are very similar in shade to the drops but I think these powders could be used with either skin tone and look great on both depending on how heavy or light your application is.  They are also both beautiful colors and are very pigmented and could even be layered with the drops to change the shade or intensity of the glow.  The powders are also priced at $14.99 with 0.28 ounces of product which would last a great deal longer than the drops would as powders tend to do because of being able to use them sparingly with light or heavy application and would be best used with a powder brush.

The other highlighters in the line I have tried like the “L’Oréal Tru Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminators that came out last year or so as well as the original before that “L’Oréal Magic Studio Secret Light Infusing Primer” that Jaclyn Hill originally raved about in her early YouTubing days that everyone loved and is so great.  The other illuminating products in the line like the ”Visable Lift  Luminizing Serum Tint”, the “Pro-Glow Lock” and “Matte Lock“ Makeup Primer”, the new “Galaxy Holographic Highlighters Multi Use” sticks, and ”Tru Match Lumi Glow Nude” palette are some of the newer highlighter and illuminating products that I haven’t tried but have heard good things about also in a good price range.  Also, new products out I want to try are the “Crushed Foil Metallic” line powders that look absolutely beautiful and maybe a more intensely pigmented product to kind of catch up with all the other metallic trending products on the market lately



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