New Makeup Review Focus: Covergirl’s New “Peacock Flare” Mascara

Covergirl has always had some great mascaras (especially the waterproofs) in it’s product line like Professional All-In-One Mascara”, “Lashblast Waterproof Volume Mascara”, and “Clump Crusher Mascara By Lashblast”, etc… They have come out with the new “Peacock Flare” Mascara soi thought i’d Put it to the test since some of there mascaras I really like in high school.

My initial reaction on applying was the application brush was not real fluffy and long but it did have little combs on the brush that are good for separating your lashes to apply the mascara that helps to keep the mascara from clumping.  But, the “combs” or “teeth” on the brush are kind of short so as far as lengthening your lashes i feel it didn’t really do that for me.  Also, I had to put on two coats to get the amount of mascara in coating, thickening, and fullness of the lash that I wanted and it still wasn’t enough.  I liked the shade of black it came in because it was a black but not an overkill intense black that does not look like a natural looking black.  I also felt because of the shortness of the “teeth” on the applicator (with reall no other fluffy fibers on the blush to help thickening your lash) it was difficult to apply it to my my lower lashes.

After wearing it for several hours I noticed that it had started to flake and chip off of my lashes.  I never was really able to accomplish the thickness in the lashes I wanted or the length and was not very impressed with the wand and application brush on it.  I did like the color as a nice soft black that was not to overpowering but all in all I’m going to have to give it a 2 to 3 out of five stars.

So I’m going to have to rate it at 2 stars as an overall mascara tha I probably would not purchase again or recommend to someone else.


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